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Weight Loss Tips For Women

Ladies, these weight loss tips for women will astound you if you are starting a weight loss diet. Some of these tips you may already know and others will be new. weight loss tips for women

Here is the absolute bottom line. Losing weight is just a mathematical formula. When it comes to shedding pounds, your body needs to burn more calories than it takes in.

Your probably thinking yeah right! when it comes to losing the actual weight it’s so hard!

I’m here to tell you it is not hard when you have a diet plan and you know the tips and tricks to easy weight loss.

Here Are The very best…..

11 Best Weight Loss Tips For Women

1. Get A Plan

This site is all about diet plans so of course weight loss tips for women include you making a plan.You want to make short and long-term goals to lose weight.

Planning keeps you focused on what you are doing and following steps helps you stay motivated in the long run, especially once you get some success under your belt and see the pounds melting away.

Also, if you follow a plan and you learn the tips and tricks to losing pounds, it becomes much easier.The more you know the less you have to starve yourself. In other words, its simple when you arm yourself with a diet plan and learn all the little ways to cut calories that turn your weight loss efforts into easy weight loss.

What do I mean by this? Think about what I said before in my 1200 calorie diet plan. If you only replace water with all the drinks you use to have each day , over time you will automatically drop weight and not even feel as if you cut back on anything.

Use our weight loss planning tools right here will also help you with planning.


2. Throw Out Your Big Plates

Watch your portion size – in order to drop pounds you need to learn to eat smaller portions. While eating smaller portions is all about self-control there are tricks you can learn to help yourself.

One trick is to use a smaller plate when eating because it will train you to eat less as you can because you can only put so much on a small plate. Using a small plate makes you realize how much you used to eat and to help train you for situations when you could lose control.

Example: When you are out on the town and eating in a restaurant where they tend to super size everything, you will be able to visualize the actual portion size by that little plate so you don’t pig out!


 3. Keep Dreaming

Dream about losing weight – Studies have shown that positive visualization makes a difference for sports stars in helping them perform better. So, why not you?

Before you go to bed each night make it a point to visualize and dream about how you will look when you lose weight. Think also of the feeling of happiness you will have and confidence in how you will feel every day.

If you learn anything from these weight loss tips for women it’s that dieting is actually more mentally challenging for most then it is physically challenging.

4. Water, Water, Water

Drink water minutes before eating breakfast – Not only should you drink lots of water, and as I mentioned above, replacing water with other drinks is a great trick to lose weight, but if you drink it before each meal it makes you feel fuller.

And remember that you will only be able start dropping pounds fast once you flush the toxins out of your system. This is one reason it is so hard to lose weight at the start of a diet. Your body is full of toxins. Once they start to leave your body you will see how fast your weight suddenly comes off.

Don’t underestimate the power of drinking more water as one of the major weight loss tips for women.


5. Eat Less Salt

Cook your own meals – Cooking your own food means you control what you add and what ingredients you use.

For example, the lighter you go on the salt the more bloat your will see leave your body. This drop in bloat will make you look thinner in just three days. If you want to look your best before an upcoming event, eliminate all the salt from your diet for three days and you will be amazed at the thinness of your face when you look in the mirror. This goes for your body too.

One of the top weight loss tips for women is eating more fiber.


6. Be A Fiber Queen Like Oprah

Weight loss tips for women includes you eating high fiber food – here again we come back to eliminating toxins. Eating high fiber food keeps your bowels clean and helps fight the toxic body problem. ( Oprah Winfrey favors high fiber foods in her diets because she knows the benefits.)


7. Eat raw foods

These are also good fiber. Eat as many foods that contain water as you possibly can. You really can’t eat enough water foods. I lost 35 pounds in two months by eating about 1100 calories a day. I drank lemon water, ate grapes like they were going out of style and made popcorn at night with no salt, just a bit of butter for flavor and the weight came off.  I ate so much fruit and vegetables that I was never hungry.

Remember too that you have a mental desire to chew and when you eat stuff full of water with few calories you can eat almost as much as you want and not gain an ounce. You will lose weight but still fill the psychological  need to chew.

Although popcorn is not a water food it fills the human need to chew. Just don’t over do it.

8. Kick Up Calorie Burning With Green Tea and Coffee

Drink green tea or coffee to lose weight – Drinking green tea can kick your bodies metabolic rate up a notch which allows you to burn more calories. Green tea is also known to suppress the appetite.

9. Reward Yourself

SPECIAL TIP: Reward yourself each time you lose a number of pounds

Check out an online store full of pretty clothing, jewelry and lot of other stuff. Pick something each week for example and promise yourself you will get it as a reward once you succeed with a weight loss goal.

Buy clothes that are smaller than you are now – Buying smaller clothes can be motivating for some. Doing this while you are still fatter throws up a challenge to yourself.

Put them in a visible place where you see them each night or morning to remind yourself that
you bought them for a reason. You have to keep the initial reasons for starting your diet firm in your mind. Nobody said you can’t reward yourself ahead of time so you have something to look forward to.


10. Take time to relax and relieve stress

Did you know that stress will make some women eat more? So, this is why it is a good idea to take time for yourself and do things you find relaxing. It could be a bubble bath or going for a long walk, listening to music, doing art etc.

Whatever busts your stress will help you in the long run to stop reaching for extra treats when you are stressed, bummed out or down.

Keep busy, because it is way easier to lose weight when you don’t have time to even think about food! If you lay around on the couch you will have the natural human urge to eat out of boredom. Schedule each day from the time you get up til the time you go to bed and your weight loss will happen very fast.

Here I added an extra tip because it is so important not only for weight loss, but for overall good health. You have to move your body to help your bodies metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories).

That ladies is my final and maybe one of my most important weight loss tips for women.


11.  Click here to Check Out Exercise Videos Online

If you don’t have time to go to a gym keep in mind that there are exercise videos available on the internet today. Most are free. Here is a good one I use every day.

Print out this page on weight loss tips for women if you find it helpful. if you think this weight loss advice is good I suggest you get the full 100 tips for weight loss and follow them with one of weight loss plans on this site.

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