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Weight Loss Tips For Men

While the emphasis is usually on womens weight loss,these weight loss tips for men are just for the guys out there who need to drop a few pounds. Pick any weight loss diet plan on this site combined with the “10 ways to lose weight” below and you will reach your fat loss goals in no time.

While they are not necessarily quick weight loss tips, using them will ensure that you lose weight over time.

If you want to look leaner quick one good tip below is to reduce your salt intake. By doing this you will stop retaining water and reduce bloat. This tip will make you look leaner in just two or three days.


10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Men

1. This first one is so easy guys.. What is it?

Watch sports of course. This is one of my favorite weight loss tips for men. Whether watching people playing sports like hockey, football  or baseball, seeing athletes that look trim and fit is very motivating. Think about joining a sports league to help with your weight loss goals so you can look just like those super star athletes.

weight loss tips for men
See this guy walking his dog? He looks like a star athlete because he combines diet with working out. If you want to lose weight and also get muscle click the image to see how he does it.

2. Get a dog- Walking a dog is a great way to burn calories while getting in shape at the same time. People with dogs are obligated to walk them once or twice a day. This automatically forces you to get moving which in turn helps you lose pounds.
It’s not a coincidence that you don’t see a whole lot of fat dog owners in the parks.

3. Park your car a few blocks away from your destination -Wherever you go, whether it’s to the grocery store,beer store or to your girlfriends house park your car some distance away and walk there. Your girlfriend will love you for it.

4. Wash your car more often. Instead of taking your car to a car wash, wash it at home. Do this each day  and you will have one hot looking sparkly car. Not only will you have a great looking car, you will burn calories
and that helps you lose weight. Chicks like in shape guys with hot cars.

5. Make losing weight a competition – Another good weight loss tips for men is to find a buddy and work out together. Go to the gym and make it a competition who can do more leg or arm lifts. You will have fun and lose weight. Set a prize for the winner, or make a bet to sweeten the pot.

Here is one of those weight loss tips for men that can be hard but you really should try to…….

6. Cut down how much booze you drink -You can get a lot of calories from alcohol.  Having said that, keep your drinking to a minimum. On top of the calories, drinking zaps your energy so the next day you will probably not want to get out of bed. Not good for weight loss!

7. Add pepper to foods. Pepper can boost your bodies metabolic rate and make  you sweat.  Sweating helps you detox and lose bloat from water retention.

8. Reward yourself when you lose a couple pounds.   Treat yourself to a favorite meal, take a night out on the town with friends, or buy something new.
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9. . Eat more protein – This one really applies if you are working out (and  you should). If you are bodybuilding for example, protein helps repair broken down tissues. Filling up on protein foods also makes your feel full so you won’t eat as often.

10. Last but not least………drum roll please……

DRINK MORE WATER  –It diminishes your appetite, flushes toxins out of your system and keeps your joints from getting squeaky!

That sums up our weight loss tips for men. If you have a lovely lady in your life who needs to lose weight why not check out these weight loss tips for women and get thin together. 🙂

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