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The Dr Bernstein Diet

The Dr Bernstein Diet



The Dr Bernstein Diet is a weight-loss system focusing on lowering calorie intake, removing sugars and simple carbohydrates ,while adding vitamins and minerals to your diet plan. This plan helps you lose some weight and maintain general health and wellness.

Everybody who signs up for the diet will be placed on a low-calorie diet and be supplemented with injected and oral minerals and vitamins. Your progress will be checked by registered nurses and you see a doctor regularly who will supervise your progress.

The pros of the Dr Bernstein Diet

The main benefits of the Dr. Bernstein diet is it helps you to have stable, normal blood sugar levels.

Over time this can help reduce the number of diabetics who get complications from the disease. Such complications as high blood pressure, heart disease, various eye problems, kidney disease and fatigue.

The diet can assist diabetics who are obese or overweight to lose some weight.


The cons of the Dr Bernstein Diet

There are no common health risks connected with the Bernstein diet. Some people say it is too high in fat, is not nutritionally-balanced, and is not a long-standing solution for losing weight and keeping it off after that.

It is not easy for most people to stay on a low-carb diet over the long run.

People with type 1 diabetes who take insulin are at a high risk of hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis if they eliminate too much carbohydrate from their everyday meals.

The price of the program is too high


The characteristics of the Dr Bernstein Diet


Eradicate all foods from the diet that include simple sugars, which are fast-acting carbohydrates.

Limit your total carbohydrate intake to a quantity that will work with insulin.

Stop eating when there is no longer a feeling of hunger.

Diabetics should stay away from hidden dangers in foods, mainly sugar-free foods, that can be a reason for blood sugar levels to rise too much and too fast.

Consult your doctor before starting this diet

7 Days Dr. Bernstein Diet plan


Dr Bernstein Diet: Day 1
2 hard-boiled egg 35 cals 1.5 carbs
Fresh juice 20 cals 2.5 carbs
Egg salad 80 cals 4 carbs
Cheese soup 50 cals 4.5 carbs
A cup of tea
Pumpkin pie 67 cals 3 carbs
Zucchini soufflé 85 cals 5.5 carbs

Total number of calories – 350 cals
Total number of carbs – 21 carbs

Dr. Bernstein Diet: Day 2
2 cage free eggs 20 cals 5 carbs
A cup of coffee
Ham and Broccoli 190 cals 4.5 carbs
A cup of tea
2 Apples 10 cals 2 carbs
Baked fillet of sole with spinach 150 cals 4.8 carbs

Total number of calories – 370
Total number of carbs – 15.8

Dr. Bernstein Diet: Day 3
Vegetable frittata 60 cals 3.4 carbs
A cup of tea
Tuna 100 cals 4.8 carbs
Salad with greens, tomato and avocado 70 cals 3.2 carbs
Steamed salmon with broccoli 130 cals 10 carbs

Total number of calories – 360 cals
Total number of carbs – 21.4

Dr. Bernstein Diet: Day 4
Omelets with fresh salad 80 cals 5.5 carbs
A cup of tea
Chilled cucumber soup 120 cals 9.2 carbs
Apricot snack 50 cals 3 carbs
Roasted chicken breast 100 cals 6 carbs
Blanched green beans, mushrooms and sprouts 45 cals 2.3 carbs

Total number of calories – 395 cals
Total number of carbs – 25.3 carbs

Dr. Bernstein Diet: Day 5
Low-carb cereals with sliced fruits 130 cals 10 carbs
A cup of coffee
Salad with chicken and avocado 150 cals 4.5 carbs
A cup of tea
2 apples 20 cals 2 carbs
Pasta with chicken liver 150 cals 6.7 carbs

Total number of calories – 430 cals
Total number of carbs – 23.2

Dr. Bernstein Diet: Day 6
Low-fat yogurt 35 cals 2.5 carbs
Strawberry snack 75 cals 5 carbs
Low carb pizza 170 cals 8 carbs
2 toast snacks with pineapple 130 cals 5.6 carbs
Boiled shrimps with vegetables 150 cals 9 carbs

Total number of calories – 560 cals
Total number of carbs – 30.1

Dr. Bernstein Diet: Day 7

2 hard-boiled eggs 35 cals 1.5 carbs
Fish soup with green beans 130 cals 4.5 carbs
6 strawberries 35 cals 3 carbs
Pasta with steamed chicken breast 140 cals 6 carbs
Brussels sprouts 50 cals 2.5 carbs

Total number of calories – 390 cals
Total number of carbs – 17.5

Dr. Bernstein Diet shopping list:

10 eggs
Chicken liver 500g
Chicken breasts 1 kg
Shrimps 300g
Tuna 200g
White fish 400g
Zucchini 300g
Ham 250 g
Broccoli 300g
5 Apples
Spinach 300g
3 avocado
Salmon 400g
5 cucumbers
Apricot snack
Blanched green beans 300g
Mushrooms 200g
low-carb cereals 1 pack
Whole-wheat spaghetti 1 pack
Low-fat yogurt 1 bottle
Strawberry snack
low carb pizza
Green beans
10 strawberries
Brussels sprouts 300g
Celery 200f
10 Tomatoes
Bean sprouts
Cabbage 500g
Olives 1 can
Radishes 500 g
Olive or linen oil 1 bottle
Low-cal dressing 1 bottle

Enjoy The Dr Bernstein Diet!   Visit Dr. Bernsteins website for more info.

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