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Atkins Diet Pros Cons

What Is The Atkins Diet

atkins-diet-pros-consThe Atkins Diet is a weight loss program that is high in fat and protein but low in carbs. If you are thinking of trying the Atkins diet plan you should check out the Atkins diet pros cons below first.

Created by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 70’s, the idea behind the Dr. Atkins Diet is that by cutting back drastically on the amount of carbohydrates you eat, your body will have to turn to its fat stores for fuel.

The result of this is weight loss. A low carb diet, such as this, can improve your cholesterol and your triglyceride levels which is great if you just got a high cholesterol diagnosis from your doctor.

However, there are good AND bad things about the Atkins Diet. Atkins diet pros and cons you should know before you make a decision about this diet.

Atkins Diet Pros Cons

The Pros include:

  • You get to eat steak and burgers which most men seem to love.
  • You cut back on foods like cookies, cakes and white bread. (refined carbohydrates) which are considered bad for you for many reasons.
  • You can lose quiet a lot of weight on this diet.
  • Atkins dieters often see improvements in cholesterol levels. (you eat more fat and protein but you are cutting out the white bread and foods which can also contribute to high cholesterol levels.


  • The Atkins diet does not provide adequate energy in the form of carbohydrates. The result of this cut back in carbs is the body is forced into a different metabolic state called ketosis which can be hard on the kidneys.
  • Since the focus is not on fruits and vegetables you do not get the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that these plant foods provide against cancer and heart disease.
  • Since you eat a high protein diet on the Atkins diet which means you’re risk of cancer increases from eating more meats (and because you miss out on fruits and vegetables which have cancer fighting benefits, as stated above.)
  • Your calcium levels can drop and you can become dehydrated, get bad breath or constipation problems.
  • If you ever go off of this diet and begin eating “a normal amount” of carbs again you can gain back more weight then when you started.

As you can see there are a number of Atkins diet pros cons and if you plan to try the Atkins diet plans or eat the Atkins diet menu you need to weigh the reasons you want to try it, carefully.

It can be a good short-term diet plan for weight loss, but you might want to consider switching to a more balanced diet once you lose some weight.

To get one of Dr. Atkins diet books check here..

1500 Calorie Diet Plan


This page gives you a 7 day meal plan for a 1500 calorie diet plan with shopping list.

For many people a 1500 calorie diet plan can be a weight loss diet. For others, eating 1500 calories per day can be a great diet to maintain a current weight.

Most people can lose weight on a 1500 calorie diet or even on a 1600 calorie diet plan.

You are the best judge of how well our 1500 calorie diet menu will suit your needs. It’s easy enough to add or subtract a few calories to make it right for your weight loss goals.

All diets show the approximate number of calories. If you need further nutritional data click here.

Don’t forget that you can change any single food for another one with this handy list of 100 calorie food exchanges.

Switching one of your foods with a tasty smoothie is also another way to keep your diets different each day. Try these fun weight loss smoothie ideas. to give the 1500 calorie diet plan variety.

1500 Calorie Diet Plan – 7 Day Sample

Tip: when you go shopping always look for low fat varieties of food. eating low fat is just as important as not eating too many calories, especially if you are using this 1500 calorie diet plan to lose weight.

Calories in the 1500 calorie diet plan are approximate.

Day 1


1 bacon sandwich (3 thin slices bacon; 81 calories)
1 slice tomato (2 calories)
lettuce (1 calories)
two slices whole grain bread (256 calories)
1 cup of green tea with 1 tsp. honey (about 40 calories)

Total: 380 calories



1 apple (78 calories)
a handful of mixed nuts and raisins (125 calories)

Total: 203 calories


1,5 cup vegetable soup (69 calories)
2 cups mixed salad greens (20 calories)
with your choice low-cal salad dressing (2 tbsp.; 48 calories)
1 medium orange (55 calories)
1 cup yogurt 0% (114 calories)

Total: 306 calories


4 whole grain crackers (72 calories)
2 tsp. peanut butter (94 calories)
1/2 cup skim milk (43 calories)

Total: 209 calories


4 oz. broiled salmon (157 calories) 1 tbsp. vinegar for salmon (0 calories)
1 cup brown rice (202 calories)
1/2 cup carrots (32 calories)
1 cup sliced cucumber (15 calories)
2 tbsp store bought cucumber dressing low-cal (48 calories)

Total: 454 calories

Daily Total: 1552 calories


Tip: On the 1500 calorie diet plan, you can substitute your favorite fruits in your oatmeal or cereal. Just keep the calories about the same as the diet plan!

Day 2


1 cup oatmeal (145 calories) with strawberries (70 g, 20 calories)
2 eggs (172 calories)
with parsley (1 calories),
green onion (1 calories),
dill (1 calories)
and 1 tsp. oil for greasing (44 calories)
1 cup of coffee without sugar (about 16 calories)

Total: 400 calories


1 cup of fruit salad (melon, strawberries, banana, kiwi; about 130 calories)
with 3 tbsp. yogurt 2% dressing (about 20 calories)

Total: about 150 calories


Grilled salmon (4 oz; about 340 calories) with spices (1 calories)
2 cups mixed vegetable tossed (about 40 calories)
1 cup of green tea (about 16 calories)

Total: 397 calories


½ low-cal low-fat granola (about 171 calories)

Total: about 171 calories


Easy sandwich: 1 whole-wheat toast (68 calories),
1 tbsp. low-cal marinara sauce (about 64 calories),
1 poached egg (64 calories),
1 slice of low-fat cheese (about 49 calories),
basil (1 calories)
1 cup of buttermilk 2,5% (108 calories)

Total: 354 calories

Daily Total: 1472 calories


Day 3 of the 1500 calorie diet plan includes eating broccoli for breakfast! Why not? Broccoli is touted as a great food to help fight cancer.

Day 3


1 portion of cooked broccoli (1 cup, 34 calories)
with 1 slice low-fat cheese (about 49 calories) + 1 tsp. olive oil (44 calories) + salt and black pepper
1 cup Spanish Omelet ( (163 calories)
1 cup of green tea with pineapple flavor (about 16 calories)
Sliced tomato (20 calories) and cucumber (15 calories)

Total: 342 calories


Fresh drink: strawberry (8 calories), lime (4 calories), ¼ cucumber (4 calories), ice (0 calories) + water (0 calories)
Almonds (23 pieces; about 159 calories)

Total: 175 calories


1 small beefsteak (386 calories)
with 1/2 cup cooked asparagus (36 calories)
1 glass of ice tea (about 16 calories)

Total: 438 calories


½ protein bar (about 150 calories)

Total: about 150 calories


1 portion of fresh vegetable (200 g; about 165 calories): Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage), Brussels sprouts, canned green peas + 1 tsp. sesame oil + garlic
1 cup grilled turkey breast without skin (208 calories)
with 1 tsp. sour cream low-fat (12 calories)
1 cup of red tea (about 16 calories)
Total: 401 calories

Daily Total: 1506 calories

Tip: Day 4 of the 1500 calorie diet plan lets you eat a delicious sandwich for breakfast.

Katsu-Sando is a type of Japanese Pork Cutlet Sandwich. You can use any type of meat you like in the breakfast below as long as its around 2 ounces only.

Day 4


Katsu-Sando (about 270 calories): 1 slice whole-wheat bread, grilled meat (2 oz) + 1 tsp. low-fat mayonnaise and mustard
½ cup fresh fennel with spices (31 calories)
1 cup of buttermilk 2,5% (108 calories)

Total: 409 calories


1 cup baked cottage cheese 0% fat, with banana, ½ egg and vanilla (163 calories)
1 cup tea with cardamom (about 16 calories)

Total: 179 calories


1 cup baked cherry tomatoes (43 calories) with garlic + 1 tsp. olive oil (44 calories) and salt
1 portion of cooked trout (180 g; 174 calories)
2 cups tossed mixed salad (42 calories)
with 2 tablespoons reduced-fat dressing (66 calories)

Total: 369 calories


Fruit smoothie (about 150 calories): raspberry (45 g), blueberry (45 g) and 1 cup yogurt 0%

Total: about 150 calories


½ cup whole-wheat spaghetti (87 calories)
1 flame grilled beef patty (230 calories)
1 cup fresh carrot juice (94 calories)

Total: 411 calories

Total: 1518 calories


Day 5


1 cup regular cereal (124 calories)
with 1 cup of skim milk (86 calories)
2 cups of fruit salad (apple, pear, orange; about 168 calories)
1 cup of Americano (about 15 calories)

Total: 393 calories


4 oz. boiled chicken breasts without skin (about 140 calories)

Total: about 140 calories


2 broiled lamb chops (224 calories) + 1 medium baked potato (194 calories)
1 cup of green tea with strawberry flavor (about 16 calories)

Total: 434 calories


6-oz. sugar-free fruit-flavored yogurt (about 100 calories)
2,5 oz. mango (about 47 calories)

Total: about 147 calories


1 portion of carrot fritters (250 g; 160 calories) with avocado yogurt sauce (120 g; 175 calories).


You should chop the carrots (150 g) and onion (40 g) in a food processor, then add 1 egg, salt, and pepper.

When  done, fry the carrot fritters and make the sauce. At first puree 2,5 oz. avocado with 2 oz. yogurt and add spice according to your taste.

Dinner Drink: 1 cup of water with orange and blueberry (about 16 calories)

Total: 351 calories

Days Total: 1465 calories


Day 6


1 cup oatmeal (145 calories) + 1 tsp. honey (30 calories) and ½ cup low-fat cream cheese (69 calories)
1 cup of hibiscus tea (10 calories)
2 cups of sliced fruits (watermelon + melon; 116 calories)

Total: 370 calories


3 oz. turkey breast (101 calories) without skin with low-cal dressing (48 calories)

Total: 149 calories


1 portion of Chacarera (217 calories):
1 hamburger roll (about 120 calories),
sliced turkey breast (2 oz. 68 calories),
1/2 tomato (10 calories),
½ cup boiled green beans (17 calories),
chili pepper (2 calories)
1,5 cup cooked mushrooms (115 calories)
with garlic and olive oil (44 calories)
1 cup of black tea with lemon (about 16 calories)

Total: 392 calories


1 cup yogurt with bran (190 calories)

Total: 190 calories


1 portion of baked zucchini (1 cup, 28 calories) with thyme, basil, garlic, oregano, salt and black pepper (10 calories all)
2 fried eggs (172 calories) with chopped low-fat cheese (1 oz, 49 calories)
Almonds (19 pieces)
1 cup of water with cubed watermelon (7 calories), mint (1 calorie) and ice (optional)

Total: 400 calories

Daily Total: 1501 calories


1500 calorie diet plan Tip: Substitute sliced mango for cantaloupe for variety in breakfast below.

Day 7


1/2 sliced mango (117 calories)
1 cup baked in the oven cottage cheese with spices of your choice (163 calories)
1/2 cup of buckwheat (about 130 calories)
1 cup of white tea fruit flavored (about 16 calories)

Total: 426 calories


1 cup of water with lime, melon, and raspberry (about 14 calories)
1 cup yogurt 0% (114 calories) with 1 walnut (32 calories)

Total: 160 calories


1 small beefsteak (386 calories) with mushrooms and asparagus (1/2 cup; 25 calories)
1 cup of coffee with skim milk (about 25 calories)

Total: 436 calories


2 small pancakes (about 90 calories) with cubed strawberries and kiwi (about 25 calories)

Total: 115 calories


1 omelet (2 eggs) with avocado puree (50 g) – all 276 calories
1 cup salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes, 1 tsp. olive oil and shredded low-cal cheese (120 calories)
1 cup of green tea with jasmine (about 16 calories)

Total: 412 calories

Total: 1549 calories

1500 Calorie Diet Plan – Shopping List

Take the 1500 calorie diet plan -shopping list to the store with you so that you can shop for all the foods in the 1500 calorie diet plan above.

If the list seems to long you can always just do 3 days of the 1500 calorie diet plan at a time and repeat those 3 days over, so you won’t have to buy as much food. This may be helpful if you are on the broke side!

Whole grain bread 1 small loaf
Whole grain crackers
Whole-wheat spaghetti 1 small pack
Brown rice 1 small pack
2 small pancakes
1 hamburger roll
Oatmeal 1 pack
Regular cereal 1 small pack
2 small beef steaks
Trout 250-300 g
Turkey breast without skin 500-600 g
1 flame grilled beef patty
Meat 150-200 g
Chicken breasts without skin 250-300 g
2 broiled lamb chops
3 thin slices bacon
Salmon 350-400 g
Green tea 1 small pack
Coffee 1 small pack
Black tea
Red tea 1 small pack
White tea fruit flavored 1 small pack
Fresh carrot juice 200 ml
Green tea with strawberry flavor 1 small pack
Hibiscus tea 1 small pack
Green tea with jasmine 1 small pack
Honey 1 small pack
Olive oil 1 bottle
Peanut butter 1 small pack
Spices of your choice 1 small pack
Low-cal low-fat granola 1 small pack
Low-cal marinara sauce 1 bottle
1 protein bar
Sesame oil 1 bottle
Mustard 1 small pack
Reduced-fat and low-cal salad dressing 1 bottle
Vinegar 1 bottle
Chili pepper 1 small pack
Thyme 1 small pack
Basil 1 small pack
Oregano 1 small pack
Mint 1 small pack
Cardamom 1 small pack
Mixed nuts and raisins 1 small pack
Parsley 1 small pack
Green onion 1 small pack
Dill 1 small pack
Basil 1 small pack
Garlic 1 small pack
Arugula 1 pack
Apples 2 pieces
Oranges 3 pieces
Carrots 250 g
Strawberries 200 g
Melon 1 piece
Bananas 220 g
Kiwi 2 pieces
Raspberry (145 g)
Blueberry (85 g)
Pear 1 piece
Mango 1 piece
Avocado 1 piece
1/2 watermelon
Lemon 1 piece
Almonds (19 pieces)
1 walnut
Tomatoes 300 g
Cherry tomatoes 400 g
Mixed salad greens 200 g
Cucumber 200 g
Mixed vegetable tossed 800 g
Broccoli 200 g
Dried tomatoes 1 small pack
Asparagus 200 g
Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage) 1 piece
Brussels sprouts 100 g
Canned green peas 1 can
Fennel 100 g
Medium baked potato
Onion 1 piece
Green beans 100 g
Zucchini 1 piece
Mushrooms 600-700 g
Lettuce 1 piece
Yogurt 0% 660 ml
Yogurt with bran 200 ml
6-oz. sugar-free fruit-flavored yogurt
Skim milk 320 ml
Cottage cheese 0% 400 g
½ cup low-fat cream cheese
13 eggs
Sour cream low-fat 1 small pack
Low-fat mayonnaise 1 small pack
Buttermilk 2,5% 200 ml
Yogurt 2% 1 small pack
Low-fat cheese 120 g
Fat-free cheddar cheese 100 g

Enjoy the 1500 calorie diet plan!

If you need a little more weight loss than the 1500 calorie diet plan can offer you, try the 1000 calorie diet plan here.

Also, please your comments if the 1500 calorie diet plan works for you.



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