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Special K Diet Plan

The special k diet and special k diet plan was created by the Kellogg’s cereal company to help women lose a few pounds over a two week period. special k diet plan

It includes eating two bowls of Special K cereal with 3/ 4 cup of skim milk at two of your meals each day.

According to the book The Special K Challenge and Beyond: your basic two week diet can include:

A serving of Kellogg’s Special K Cereal with skim milk, fruit and a coffee or tea or a serving of Special K Protein Bar or Protein Shake.

You enjoy two such meals on this diet and make the third meal your own by eating any meal of your choice under 700 calories. The meal should also be low in fat.

Get great ideas for healthy low fat meals here.

To make it very simple you enjoy two meals using Special K food products and make the third meal your own. You can include as many fruit and vegetable snacks as you like to make this diet satisfying.

The Special K Diet Plan Basics:



Eat any Special K cereal with your choice of fruit and 3/4 cup skim milk. Or, you can eat a Special K Protein Shake or Special K Protein Meal Bar.



Replace your second meal of the day with one of the following:

A serving of Special K cereal or a Special K Protein Meal Bar or a Special K Protein Shake


Eat a healthy meal of your choice that is under 700 calories and low fat.  You can eat this meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on your preference.


You can enjoy two of these snacks during the day.

You can have any type of drink on this diet except for alcohol.

This diet is not meant to be followed for longer then two weeks as a 14 day diet. It is meant as a challenge diet to help drop some weight and start you on the path to incorporating a healthier lifestyle.

The special K diet plan is great for women who have a Body Mass (BMI) index over 25.  Studies done by Kelloggs have shown that the majority of women who took this diet had  weight loss around the waist and hips and lost up to six pounds over the two week time frame.

For more information on the Special K Diet Plan visit the Special K challenge site.

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