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South Beach Diet Phase 3

South Beach Diet Phase 3 – Guidelines

This page will provide:

  • a sample diet plan for phase three of the South Beach Diet
  • the shopping list of foods
  • a recipe for the South Beach Diet phase 3
  • foods to eat on the South Beach Diet
  • foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet

south-beach-diet-phase-3 -allowed-foods

South Beach Diet Phase Three helps you to maintain the results you have achieved through phase one and phase two of this diet. This last phase of the diet should ideally be followed throughout your life. It will keep you slim to an old age.

In South Beach Diet Phase Three you don’t need to be extremely strict on the diet. Sometimes you are allowed to eat sweets or drink alcoholic beverages. Even if you  gained weight after the holidays, you could go back to South Beach Diet Phase One or Two menus and then re start on a phase 3.

Foods Allowed in South Beach Diet Phase 3:

Here is the list of allowed foods for the south beach diet phase .

  • mustard, mayonnaise (low-fat),

  • red wine, vegetable juices, seltzer, any tea and coffee (1-2 cup per day);

  • buckwheat, oat (not instant cooking), barley, couscous, whole-wheat pasta (a little bit), faro and brown rice;

  • deli meats, any fish, turkey and chicken breasts without skin, pork, lamb, seafood;

  • fresh fruit and vegetable juices (home-made);

  • almost all vegetables (except potato and other vegetables with high glycemic index);

  • low-fat cheeses, eggs, soy/nonfat milk;

  • low-fat pudding without sugar, popsicles, unsweetened cocoa powder, bitter chocolate and jellies (only 75 calories per day);

  • citrus fruits, dried apricots, raspberry, peaches, blueberry, apples, blackberry, pears, cantaloupe, plums, strawberry, kiwi, grapes and other fruits;

  • fats, oils, nuts, seasonings and condiments as on 2 and 3 Phase of this diet.

Foods Not Allowed – To Avoid

these foods should be avoided on the South Beach Diet phase 3.

  • alcohol (especially beer);

  • white bread, pastries, white rice, sugar, sweets, baked goods;

  • potato, canned fruits, jams;

  • dressings with high sugar;

  • fruit juices and fruits with high sugar content.

Sample Diet – South Beach Diet Phase 3


1 cup oatmeal with milk + 2 walnuts + 2 strawberries

1 boiled egg

1 cup coffee

1 sliced tomato or ½ cup celery


1 portion of grilled turkey breast with hot pepper sauce and ½ cup greens

1 slice whole-wheat bread

1 cup yogurt 0%


1 cup brown rice

½ cup shrimps

1 cup mixed vegetable salad (bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, herbs, 1 tsp. low-sugar dressing)

1 glass of wine


1 small popsicle


SBD Phase Three Recipe

For dessert

1 small raspberry popsicle (recipe below)

Raspberry popsicle:

½ cup of raspberry

½ cup of 0% yogurt

1 tsp. of lime juice

Puree in blender raspberry and add ½ cup of non-fat yogurt.

Pour in a paper cup and freeze (about 3-4 hours).

+ for the shopping list

Yogurt 0% 300-350 ml

Raspberry 100-120 g

Lime juice 10 ml

More South Beach Diet recipes can be found here.

South Beach Diet 3 – Shopping List

Oatmeal 1 small pack

Brown rice 1 small pack

Whole-wheat bread 1 small loaf

Milk 1 bottle

Yogurt 0% 200-250 ml

1 egg

Coffee 1 small pack

2 walnut

2 strawberries

1 bell pepper

1 onion

Tomatoes (300-400 g)

Celery 100-150 g


Herbs Turkey breast (1 portion is about 250-300 g)

Shrimps 250-300 g

Hot pepper sauce 1 bottle

Low-sugar dressing1 bottle

Wine 1 bottle

1 small popsicle

Enjoy South Beach Diet Phase 3

For phase one of the diet check here. For Phase two of the South Beach Diet here.


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