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sacred_heart_dietSacred Heart Diet is one of those fad diets that’s been around for a number of years.

This diet is based on eating soup! It claims to help you drop up to 17 pounds by following the diet for at least a week. This is a big claim to make, however if you were to drop that much weight in one week it will likely be water weight.

It is believed the diet originated at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital in the cardiology department and was given to people with heart issues due to being overweight. This however, turns out to be untrue.

This diet has gone by many various names in the past like the Cleveland Diet, The Sacred Heart Hospital Diet and The Spokane Heart Diet.

The Sacred Heart Diet is A Fad Diet. As with any diet the reason you can lose weight on it is because you are simply reducing the number of calories you will eat.

Many people search for the magic diet that will drop pounds really quick. But as with any diet it’s all about eating less.

Sacred Heart Diet – diet soup recipe

bowl-of-soup-sacred-heart-dietSacred Heart Soup Recipe

1 to 2 cans of any stewed style tomatoes
3 or more large onions (green)
1 can beef broth (large can and low-fat variety)

1 package of Lipton Soup mix (the chicken noodle mix)

1 whole bunch of chopped celery
2 cans of green beans
2 lbs of chopped Carrots
2 chopped Green Peppers

Chop up vegetables in bite sized pieces. Cover them with water and boil about 10 mins.
Season with some salt, parsley, curry, pepper, or Worcestershire sauce. (or other spices or herbs you like)

Reduce the temperature down to simmer and keep cooking until the vegetables are tender.

Here is another Sacred Heart  Diet Soup Recipe for variety.

You can eat as much of this soup as you can stomach for the entire day.

2 – 11 ounce cans of chicken noodle soup (the Campbell Healthy variety if possible)
5 stalks of chopped up celery
1 lb. of frozen string beans
4 chopped or diced carrots
4 chopped up potatoes
½ of one green pepper chopped
2 regular or red onions chopped or diced

This diet is similar to the cabbage soup diet.

Keep in mind the Sacred Heart Diet is a fad diet, one of those diets that came and went. The reason for it is probably because it is not a healthy diet to stay on for the long-term. It may work to lose weight fast for a week or so, but you should always speak to a doctor before
starting such a diet and not stay on a nutritionally unsound diet for too long.

7 Day – Sacred Heart Diet Menu and Eating plan.

Day 1 -You can eat any fruit, but not bananas. Recommended fruits are Cantaloupes and watermelon.Compared to most fruits they are lower in calories.
Today you should only eat fruit and soup.

Day 2 -Any vegetables. Eat raw, fresh, canned or cooked vegetables until you feel full. Eat green leafy vegetables and keep away from dried beans.
As well, stay away from corn and peas. Eat the soup as above and add a potato for dinner. Fruits are not allowed today.

Day 3 -Eat as much soup, fruits and or veggies that you want. No baked potatoes today.
By today, day 3 of this diet you should start feeling lighter if you’ve stuck with the diet.

Day 4 -Drink skim milk and eat bananas. You’re body needs the potassium that the bananas offer so eat as many as you want along with as much milk as you want.
Eat soup also, as much as you want.

Day 5 -Beef with tomatoes today. You are allowed to have 10 to 20 ounces of beef and one can of tomatoes, or as much as 6 tomatoes today. Eat the soup once.

Day 6 -Beef with veggies today. You can eat between 2 and 3 steaks today along with green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach or chard.
There are no potatoes allowed today. Eat the soup at least one time today.

Day 7 -Brown rice, with unsweetened fruit juice and cooked veggies.
Eat to the point you feel full that includes eating the soup. You can add any cooked vegetables to the rice if desired during this 7th day of the sacred heart diet.

List of Allowed Drinks on Sacred Heart Diet

Any Unsweetened juices
Cranberry juice
Herbal Teas
Skim milk
As much water as desired

Please leave a comment below if you have a story about how the Sacred Heart Diet helped you lose weight.

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