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Non Dairy Diet


Non Dairy Diet

This page will give you information on a non dairy diet and a 7 day diet plan for a dairy free diet with shopping list.


Why Non Dairy?

Eating Dairy products such as milk and cheese can be an issue for some people.

Not only when it comes to health but also on ethical grounds.

On the health side, numerous people who’ve quit dairy discovered that their digestive troubles, chronic congestion, ear infections or acne disappeared within one or two weeks. As a result you might think about going non-dairy for a month to see if doing so, makes you feel better physically.

check out what happens when you go dairy free.

A Non dairy diet is advised for those people that are allergic to dairy proteins (typically kids) or have an intolerance to lactose, the sugar found in milk, as well as foods like ice cream and yogurt.

In addition, a non dairy diet is used by vegans and some detox-diets prohibit all dairy products.

The pros of non dairy diet:

If you have lactose intolerance, and you start eliminating dairy foods from your diet, you’re going to feel a lot better and very fast.

Your heartburn or headaches will likely clear up and your skin will become clear.
Hormones in milk can increase the level of androgens in your body, and that activates the production of oils that block pores in your skin.

Furthermore, the sugar in dairy products triggers insulin-like growth , which is the reason for inflammation and the breaking down of collagen. Collagen is the stuff that keeps your skin elastic, smooth, supple and wrinkle free. That’s why ditching dairy may halt the signs of aging for a while longer.

The cons of non dairy diet

Weight loss is not guaranteed on a non dairy diet.  A number of studies have demonstrated that people who eat dairy weigh less than those who don’t, in fact.

On the other hand, if you’re cutting out ice cream or cheese, you may eat fewer calories; as a result you could lose weight.

So, it depends on what you eat in place of dairy products. Take into account that milk alternatives for example, almond and soy milk, are just a little lower in calories, and milk contains vital nutrients, like vitamin D and calcium..

The characteristics of non dairy diet

If the thought of rapidly removing all dairy products from your diet seems a bit discouraging, you can ease into it. Start by cutting out just milk the first week or two, then cheese, next ice cream and so on. Doing it slowly will make it mentally easier and you will get into a habit of not eating dairy slowly.

Be sure to have a consultation with your medical doctor before you start any diet.
Don’t forget to drink 2-2,5 liters of water per day as a minimum.

If you remove dairy from your diet, you should  eat more leafy greens and foods like broccoli which has a fair amount of calcium. Calcium is one of the nutrients you will lose when you eat a diet without dairy products.


Non dairy diet plan

Non dairy diet:


Day 1

1 glass of pure warm water
hard-boiled eggs
1 glass of pure warm water
Vegetable salad
Fried potatoes with beans
2 apples
1 glass of pure warm water
Rice with fried chicken breast
2 tomatoes

Non-dairy diet: Day 2
1 glass of pure warm water
2 bananas
strawberry lemonade smoothie
1 glass of pure warm water
Chicken wings with brown rice
Fresh salad
1 glass of pure warm water
Baked salmon with lemon
Grilled vegetables

Non-dairy diet: Day 3
1 glass of pure warm water
Celeriac and bacon hash brown with wilted spinach
1 glass of pure warm water
Pasta with meatballs
Peach slices topped with granola
1 glass of pure warm water
Tuna Salad
A cup of green tea

Non dairy diet: Day 4
1 glass of pure warm water
Avocado green smoothie
1-3 eggs
1 glass of pure warm water
tomato basil soup with a few breadsticks
Two slices of cheeseless pizza
A few pieces of bruschetta with a small bunch of grapes
1 glass of pure warm water
plate of whole-wheat spaghetti with marinara sauce

Non dairy diet: Day 5
1 glass of pure warm water
2 whole-grain waffles
sliced strawberries
1 glass of pure warm water
A bowl of potato and leek soup,
2 carrots
4 whole-grain crackers
2 peaches
1 glass of pure warm water
A small green salad
shrimp paella

Non dairy diet: Day 6
1 glass of pure warm water
Pancakes with berries and cinnamon
A cup of green tea
1 glass of pure warm water
chicken broth soup
a piece of cornbread
watermelon chunks
1 glass of pure warm water
Vegetable curry with steamed rice

Non dairy diet: Day 7
1 glass of pure warm water
fresh orange slices
a cup of coffee or tea
1 glass of pure warm water
Slow baked salmon fillet with lemon, thyme and garlic
Fresh vegetables
a glass of unsweetened iced tea
fresh fruit chunks
1 glass of pure warm water
Roast chicken with roast vegetables


Non dairy shopping list

5 eggs
4 avocado
Mixed veggie salad 1 pack
Tossed mixed greens 1 pack
potatoes 500g
beans 1 can
5 apples
Rice 1 pack
chicken breast 1kg
tomatoes 500g
5 bananas
strawberry 500g
4 lemon
Chicken wings 500g
brown rice 1pack
Popcorn 1 pack
salmon 400g
bacon 20g
spinach leaves 100g
Pasta 1 pack
6 Peach
Tuna 1 can
5 tomatos
Breadsticks 1 pack
bruschetta 1 pack
a small bunch of grapes
whole-wheat spaghetti 1 pack
whole-grain waffles 1 pack
strawberries 500g
2 carrots
whole-grain crackers 1 pack
shrimp 300g
5 orange
thyme 1 pack
garlic 1 pack
balsamic vinegar 50g
Olive or linen oil 1 bottle
Zucchini 500 g
Olives 1 can
Green peas 200 g
Radishes 500 g
Brussels sprouts 200 g
Lettuce 50g
mushrooms 250 g

Enjoy the non dairy diet!

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