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The Madonna Diet /Macrobiotic Diet Plan

The Madonna Diet has become very popular in the last few of years. That is because the diet is simple, healthy and it works. This diet which is based on the Macrobiotic diet meal plan which can help you lose extra pounds, plus give you more energy and reduce your risk of many diseases.


Since this diet is based on the Macrobiotic Meal Plan, it aims to balance the energies of Yin and Yang.

Read more about the Macrobiotic_diet here.

If you want to look as good as Pop Star Madonna, this is the diet for you!


The Benefits of Madonna Diet Plan:

it will help you lose weight
it’s high in fiber
the diet reduces the risk of cancer, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, etc
it reduces bad cholesterol
you get the balance between the energies of Yin and Yang;
you eat less non-organic and junk food

The Disadvantages of Madonna Diet :

low-calorie diet
you get a low number of vitamins and minerals
limited number of foods
this is a strict diet


The Features of the Madonna Diet Plan:

  • you have to eat only when you feel hunger
  • you have to exclude tropical fruits, alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, salt, tomatoes and spices from your meal plan
    no snacks
  • don’t overeat
  • do efficient fitness exercises
  • make a diet of 50% grain, 25% veggies, 10% protein, 5% soup, fruits, nuts and seafood
  • you need to drink not more than 1-1,5 l of water or tea per day

The Madonna Diet Plan: Day 1

¾ cup cooked oatmeal with dried fruits
1 rye toast with ½ sliced cucumber and flax seeds
1 cup of green tea without sugar

1 cup of veggie broth with 2 tbsp brown rice
1 cup grilled tuna
5 pecans

Afternoon meal
1 green apple

1 cup buckwheat
1 portion of salad: cucumbers, radishes, bell pepper, dill or parsley


The Madonna Diet: Day 2

1 cup porridge made from whole grains with chopped prunes
1 cup of herbal tea

½ cup quinoa
1 portion of stewed veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, potato, baby carrots
½ cup tofu

Afternoon meal
1 pear

1 portion of salad: lettuce, celery, pomegranate seeds, 50 g shrimps, 1 tsp lemon juice
1 portion of “meatballs” from chickpeas

The Madonna Diet : Day 3

1 portion of miso soup (use a veggie broth http://allrecipes.com/recipe/13107/miso-soup/ ) with sliced daikon
1 cup of chamomile tea
1 rye toast

1 portion of greens daikon with sesame seeds and 1 tsp lemon juice
1 cup rice pasta with ½ cup soy meat

Afternoon meal
2 peaches

1 portion of salad: corn, celery, baby carrots, arugula, onion
1 cup baked pumpkin with pecans

The Madonna Diet : Day 4

1 cup cooked oatmeal with mushrooms, garlic and parsley
1 cup of fresh green apple juice

1 cup whole-grain pasta with baby carrots, bell pepper and corn
½ cup cooked salmon

Afternoon meal
1 cup cubed melon

1 portion of veggie broth with ½ cooked red beans, 50 g tofu
1 cup grilled trout



The Madonna Diet : Day 5

1 cup brown rice with plum umeboshi
1 cup of ginger tea

1 portion of cucumber-radishes salad
1 cup soba noodles with 1 hard-boiled egg

Afternoon meal
1 red apple

½ cup croquettes of millet and soybeans with ½ cup sliced beetroot
1 portion of veggie broth with buckwheat and chopped soy meat

The Madonna Diet : Day 6

1 cup raw baby carrots with ¼ cup chopped walnuts
1 cup of herbs tea

1 portion of brown rice
½ cup seafood mix with lettuce, 1 tsp lemon juice
1 rye bread toast

Afternoon meal
1 cup plums

1 portion of stew: ½ cup pumpkin, ½ cup cabbage, ½ cup cooked rice
½ cup tofu

The Madonna Diet : Day 7

1 cup buckwheat with prunes and walnuts
2 apricots
1 cup of green tea

1 cup of salad: ½ cup raw beetroot, a handful of chopped beetroot greens, 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp flax seeds, 1 tsp lemon juice
1 cup cooked chickpeas with ½ cup soy meat

Afternoon meal
3 apricots

2 hard-boiled eggs
1 cup roasted cubed tofu
1 cup of fresh grapefruit juice


The Madonna Diet : Shopping list

3 eggs
Green apples 700 g
Red apples 300 g
Pears 200 g
Peaches 300 g
Melon 200 g
Plums 200 g
Apricots 600 g
Pomegranate seeds 100 g
Lemon 400 g
Grapefruit 400 g
Dried fruits 1 pack
Prunes 1 pack
Cucumber 400 g
Green onions 1 pack
Daikon 100 g
Beetroot greens 1 pack
Greens daikon 1 pack
Mushrooms 100 g
Beetroot 300 g
Radishes 300 g
Bell pepper 250 g
Dill 1 pack
Red beans 100 g
Pumpkin 300 g
Plum umeboshi 100 g
Cabbage 100 g
Parsley 1 pack
Lettuce 1 pack
Celery 200 g
Broccoli 100 g
Corn 150 g
Arugula 1 pack
Onion 100 g
Cauliflower 100 g
Potato 100 g
Baby carrots 450 g
Oatmeal 1 pack
Brown rice 1 pack
Rye toast 3 pieces
Buckwheat 1 pack
Quinoa 1 pack
Chickpeas 1 pack
Rice pasta 1 pack
Rice 1 pack
Soba noodles 1 pack
Whole grains 1 pack
Whole-grain pasta 1 pack
Flax seeds 1 pack
Sesame seeds 1 pack
Walnuts 1 pack
Pecans 1 pack
Croquettes of millet and soybeans 1 pack
Tuna 350 g
Trout 300 g
Shrimps 50 g
Salmon 200 g
Seafood mix 1 pack
Tofu 600 g
Soy meat 400 g
Dashi granules 1 pack
Miso paste 1 pack
Extra virgin olive oil 1 bottle
Green tea 1 pack
Chamomile tea 1 pack
Ginger tea 1 pack
Sticking to the Madonna diet plan may take some mental toughness, but if you do you will certainly lose weight, which is the aim of most people when they start a diet of any type. Good luck!

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