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Low Glycemic Index Diet

The low glycemic index diet or G.I. diet is touted to be the secret to losing weight without feeling hungry.

The glycemic index was developed by Dr. David Jenkins, while he was researching the impact of different carbohydrates on blood sugar, or glucose levels, of diabetics.

He discovered that certain carbs broke down more quickly and flooded the blood stream with sugar, while other carbs broke down more slowly, increasing blood sugar only a little.

The faster a food breaks down, the higher it rates on the glycemic index chart. These findings helped diabetics with their diabetic diets, because they could use the chart to find low G.I. foods, slow release foods,that could help control their blood sugar levels.

It appears that the low G.I. foods have an impact on our ability to loss weight.


Here is the reason:

When you eat high glycemic foods they break down quickly in the bloodstream and give you a quick upper or high. A sugar burst of energy.

But once it wears off you crash and start to feel tired, grumpy, and hungry again fairly quickly. This is when you reach for more food. If you keep eating these high G.I. foods you can see how this cycle of eating, crashing and reaching for more high glycemic foods quickly
means you will obviously be eating more food. That is where the weight gain comes in.

So, it makes sense that eating low glycemic index diet foods will prevent this from happening, and therefore aid you in your weight loss efforts.

The other thing to note about this diet is that low glycemic index foods like vegetables and fruits tend to be lower in calories, aiding weight loss diets even further. They also take longer to digest meaning you stay fuller longer.

While there is more science to this diet then I go into on this page…you can read about it if you read this book the G.I. diet book, I will give you an example of a one day low G.I. diet plan below to give you a good idea of what you might eat on this diet.

This way you can try it..see if you like it…and then dig into it a bit deeper. Get the book because it provides you with recipes and meal plans to continue on with this diet.

 Sample 1- day Low Glycemic Diet Menu


  • Oatmeal with honey and chopped apple.


  • Cranberry or cinnamon muffin


  • 1/2 whole wheat pita with canned light tuna, lettuce, tomato and cucumber


  • Hummus with carrot and celery sticks


  • Easy baked lasagna
  • Ceasar salad


  • Mixed berries tossed in lime juice with sour cream

G.I. Index Food Chart

Here I will give you a G.I. foods chart showing green light foods (foods you should eat ) so you can make up your own G.I. diet.

And of course, for more in-depth information on the low glycemic index diet buy the book!

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