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Low Fat Main Dishes

low-fat-main-dishesA diet plan site like ours has to include low fat main dishes and low fat recipes for you to try.

You might be trying to cut fat in your diet because of heart issues, gallbladder disease or  because you are over weight.

Whatever your reason, these healthy diet recipes are low in fat and can be used to create delicious healthy meals for you or your whole family.

Low fat main dishes include:

Chicken recipes

Try these homemade lowfat chicken recipes for dinner when you don’t want to eat red meats. Chicken always fits the bill.  Low fat chicken recipes include chicken chili and chicken cutlets.


Pasta is filling and also a low fat food. You can make a variety of great low fat meals using pasta, for the kids or for company.


Turkey is like chicken and it works great for those of  you who want to cut out red meat such as hamburger and pork. Turkey burgers are tasty recipes that are low in fat and can take the place of hamburger, steak of pork.


From chicken chili to beef chili we try to make all of these chili recipes crowd pleasers and also great low fat main dishes.


What is easier then crockpot cooking? It’s fairly easy to make low fat recipes and low fat meals in a crockpot. It’s for those who want to eat low fat but are short on time and need some delicious lunch or dinner recipes to try.


Pizza is a delight. Everyone seems to like pizza. But it can be a challenge to make low fat pizza because of the cheese. Try some of these low fat main dishes for pizza using low fat ingredients.


Did somebody say ole! Mexican recipes make great low fat recipes because you can replace the fat with great hot or spicy seasonings to kick up the flavor!


While beef can be high in fat, we use only lean ground beef in all these recipes. Try low fat beef stew for your dinner recipes tonight.


Seafood has many health benefits and it is usually lower in fat too. This makes it a perfect low fat diet food and a good food to create low fat recipes.


Vegetarian recipes are generally low in fat just based on the nature of a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian and low fat go hand in hand.

What are you waiting for?  Get cooking one of our low fat main recipes tonight. Or use them to add variety to any of the diets on this site. 🙂

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