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Liquid Diet Plan

Liquid Diet Plan

liquid-diet-planLiquid diets are known for giving easily digestible micronutrients while drastically limiting your caloric intake.

This is a pro, causing weight loss, but also a con, as it slows your metabolism greatly and is nearly worthless if you don’t continue changing your eating habits once you begin to eat solid foods again. However, if you have a few pounds to lose and you need to do it before that big date or upcoming event then a liquid diet plan might just work for you as a short-term diet.

There are many different types of liquid diets, from the Reboot juicing plan, to the Master Cleanse, to the Martha’s Vineyard Detox, and the information can be overwhelming.

Choosing the right one for you is crucial.

Here are 3 of the top liquid diet plans.

Liquid Diet Plan 1

The Reboot Juicing plan

60 days of drinking nothing but fruit and vegetable juice, limiting yourself to the less-sugary intake.

Could you do a liquid diet plan or the reboot juicing plan?

Joe Cross, famous for Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead did, juicing his way across the United States and sharing his healthy way of losing weight.

The typical Reboot is 15 to 30 days, though for long-term juicing-only diets, you should consult a doctor.

The side effects of a Reboot are dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and bad breath. Drink more to resolve most of these side effects, and don’t take non-prescription vitamins and

For a week leading up to the reboot, reduce processed and refined foods, fast foods, caffeine, dairy, and meat. Get extra sleep and drink proper amounts of water.

During the plan, you consume only herbal teas, coconut water, water, and your juices. Reboot juices should be 80% veggie, 20% fruit.

Joe Cross provides an excellent color-coded juice library in his free 5-day plan for any beginner, suggesting that they choose specific color-oriented juices for specific meals.

Upon waking, he suggests 8 oz of hot water with lemon and ginger to get the body moving while you wake up enough to juice.

For breakfast, an orange or red coded juice.

A mid-morning ‘snack’ of 16 oz coconut water, followed by a lunch of a green coded juice.

Afternoon snack should be another orange or red juice, and dinner should be green.

Desserts are purple or orange coded juices, and an herbal tea should be imbibed before bed.

Some samples of his juice recipes are in the ‘recipes’ section at the end of the post.

You can get his book here.
The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Amazing


While a liquid diet plan works well for most of us, rebooting while pregnant or nursing is very dangerous and should not be attempted.

This diet helps the body to detox while flooding it with the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, that it requires, giving the body time to reset.

Continuing to juice once you return to eating solid foods is highly recommended.

Liquid Diet Plan 2

The Master Cleanse

One of the most popular diets of today, the dieter mixes together 14 tbsp of lemon juice, 14 tbsp of maple syrup to use throughout the day, adding as much cayenne pepper as they can stand to the mixture when they mix it with water.

Each batch of mixture is made to mix with 2 liters of water total, and every cup should contain the mixture and the cayenne.

This is the daily ‘meal’ for this liquid diet plan.

Drink a cup of it whenever you feel hunger pangs, then follow it with some water, which you should be drinking more than an average amount of.

In the evening, you should mix 1 tbsp sea salt with a liter of warm water and drink quickly. Make sure you do this when you’re on an empty stomach.This will cause you to empty your bowels within half an hour.

If it doesn’t work, try again, doubling the salt. It’s suggested you don’t do this diet for more than 14 days.

Tom Woloshyn has written a compendium, “The Complete Master Cleanse”, which is a compilation of recipes and the purpose of the ingredients.

Beyond the Master Cleanse: The Year-Round Plan for Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet

Many people do 14 day ‘stacks’, cleansing for 14 days, then eating for 5 days, then cleansing again in repetition.

That’s a personal choice, just make sure to use the easing out process.

This entails drinking orange juice for one day, then juices, soups, and broths for the next day, then only eating live foods from then on forward, adopting a healthy set of eating habits.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or hypoglycemic, you should not follow this diet, and as with most diets, you should consult your doctor before undertaking this test of willpower.

Many people use herbal laxatives throughout the day instead of just the salt water flush, so do what feels right for you.

Liquid Diet Plan 3

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

“21 pounds in 21 days” is the promise that Dr. Roni DeLuz of the Martha’s Vineyard holistic Retreat’s program promises.

For this diet, a dieter drinks a specific liquid every two hours. Each day, this totals out to 48 oz water, 40 oz herbal tea, 16 oz vegetable soup, and 32 oz of a green vegetable drink.

The plan gives you approximately 1,000 calories a day, including 20 grams of protein.

The pillars of the plan are “Rest, Reduce, Rebuild”.

The author states that by ingesting liquid nutrients, you eliminate toxins and reset the body. The nutrient-rich drinks help you rebuild.

It wasn’t created to be a weight loss diet, but the detoxification effect allows the loss of unwanted weight.

There are 3 general paths someone on this liquid diet plan follows, the two-day, seven-day, or 21-day plan.

They’re all the same schedule of intake, but it’s suggested to do the 21-day plan yearly, the 7-day plan once a season, and the 2-day plan weekly.

There’s a bunch of supplements and services that people on the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox take, such as enzyme capsules, aloe vera, and a herb cleansing formula.

They also undergo lymph drainage massages, cellulite treatment, liver and kidney flushes, body wraps, detoxifying baths, and weekly coffee enemas.

This cleanse is supposed to metabolize the dieter’s fat, releasing the stored toxins and flushing them from the system. This cleanse is aided by gentle exercise such as trampoline jumping or walking.

After this liquid diet plan, you should follow after-care directions, eating vegetables, drinking soy milk with a protein powder supplement, 3 ounces of salmon, and 1 cup of non-fat yogurt each day.

The body has to learn to digest again, and taking it slow allows for a gentle awakening of the digestive system.

No alcohol or coffee is allowed on this liquid diet plan. The cons to this diet are a severely limited amount of protein, causing muscle wasting, and a limited immune response.

The $199 pack, available through the author, includes the drinks for a 21 day program. They do suggest you read the book first.
21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

Here are some recipes to use on the reboot diet plan or for any liquid diet plan.

Liquid Diet Plan Recipes:

Red Juice:
Peach or Pear Delight (Adapted from the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Book)
1 sweet potato
2 ripe peaches or pears
1 red apple
1 ½ cups blueberries
dash of cinnamon

1. Juice together all the fruits/vegetables and stir in the cinnamon at the end
2. Drink immediately.

Purple Juice:
Purple Passion (Adapted from the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Book)
30 black/purple or red grapes
2 cups blueberries
1 handful mint

1. Juice together all the fruits/vegetables
2. Drink immediately.

Orange Juice:
Carrot-Apple-Ginger (Adapted from the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Book)
6 carrots
4 apples
2” piece of fresh root ginger

1. Juice together all the fruits/vegetables
2. Drink immediately.

Green Juice:
Joe’s Mean Green (Adapted from the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Book)
The staple of the Reboot Juicing Diet
16 Kale leaves
2 Cucumbers
8 Celery Sticks
4 Apples
1 Lemon
2” Fresh Ginger Root

1. Juice together all the fruits/vegetables
2. Drink immediately.

Hopefully a liquid diet plan will work for you if you want to lose weight fast. However, it is never advisable to stay on such diets for a long time or without the advice of your doctor.

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