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Jenny Craig Diet Plan

Jenny Craig Diet Plan


With the Jenny Craig diet plan, you’ll get prepackaged low-calorie foodstuff, a consultant to get support personally or on the phone (as you wish), online tools to assist you plan and track your meals and your individual exercise plan. Take into account that there are no banned foods, “detox” tonics or menus overloaded with exotic foods that claim to melt your fat.

You’ll generally eat Jenny Craig’s diet plan weekly menus of 70 various prepackaged foods, at least at the start. What’s more, you’ll get about 1,200 calories per day, depending on your height and weight.

Pros of Jenny Craig Diet Plan

  • Jenny Craig is convenient. Meals come prepared and can be delivered just to your house.
  • The diet plan is custom-tailored to the client along with their current weight, goals and body type.
  • The private counseling, whether in the centers, via their toll-free number or video chat is one more benefit.

Cons of Jenny Craig Diet Plan

  • The diet is costly, between the contract fees and meal expenses.
  • Jenny Craig’s own prepared meals are also a drawback. They may be more expensive than preparing your own meals at home.

The characteristics of Jenny Craig Diet Plan

  1. The main basis of the Jenny Craig diet is its prepackaged meals. Typically, these are frozen breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even snacks.
  2. No food is forbidden. The focal point is on self-control, a balanced diet and getting a sufficient amount of exercise.
  3. You must make full use of the analysis support the company offers as you make the change from packaged food to your own healthy diet plan and meal preparation.
  4. Consult your medical doctor before starting the diet


7 Days Jenny Craig Diet Plan

Jenny Craig Diet Plan Menus: Day 1


Oatmeal with apple and cinnamon

A cup of tea


Steamed chicken

Vegetable salad


Apple crisps


Noodles with baked beef

Grilled zucchini, tomatoes and broccoli

Total calories number – 1180 cals

Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Day 2


Blueberry pancakes

Low-fat yogurt


Boiled chicken

A vegetable medley

Mashed potatoes


Chocolate brownie


Vegetable soup with chicken

Total calories number – 1210 cals

Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Day 3


Scrambled egg whites with cheese sauce

A cup of coffee


Tomato Vegetable Soup


Classic Hummus and Wheat Crackers


Cheese Ravioli with fresh salad

Total calories number – 1050 cals

Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Day 4


2 Chocolate Muffins

A cup of coffee with low-fat milk


Chicken Fettuccine

Vegetable salad


Lime pie

Low-fat yogurt


Chicken Salad

Brown rice

Total calories number – 1195 cals

Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Day 5


2 French toasts with strawberries

A cup of coffee with low-fat milk


Roasted chicken topped with a creamy mushroom sauce and green beans.


Lemon cake

Fruit smoothie


Chicken soup with brown rice and vegetables

Total calories number – 1215 cals

Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Day 6


Cranberry Almond Cereal

A cup of green tea


Roasted potatoes, carrots and peas

Steamed beef


2 apples

Low-fat yogurt


Macaroni & Cheese

Green beans and carrots

Total calories number – 1200 cals

Jenny Craig Diet Plan: Day 7


2 Vanilla Cupcakes

A cup of green tea


Backed potatoes with cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions


Chocolate shake


Grilled chicken with peppers, corn, black beans, onions and tomatoes

Total calories number – 1120 cals

Jenny Craig shopping list:

Oatmeal 1 pack

10 apple


Chicken 1 kg

Mix of vegetables 3 packs

Noodles 1 pack

Beef 500g

5 zucchini

Tomatoes 1 kg

Broccoli 500g

2 Blueberry pancakes

Low-fat yogurt 1 bottle

Potatoes 1 kg

Chocolate brownie 200g

5 eggs

Low-fat cheese 300g


Wheat Crackers 200g

Salad 200g

2 Chocolate Muffins

Lime pie 200g

Low-fat yogurt 1 bottle

Brown rice 1 pack

Strawberries 300g

Mushrooms 400g

Green beans

Lemon cake 200g

Cranberry 200g

Almond 100g


Carrots 500g


Olives 1 can

Cabbage 500 g

Radishes 500 g

Brussels sprouts 200 g

Olive or linen oil 1 bottle

Low-cal dressing 1 bottle

Macaroni 1 pack

2 Vanilla Cupcakes

Cheddar cheese 100g

Bacon 150g

Green onions

Peppers 300g

Corn 200g

Black beans,

Onions 150g

Coleslaw mix

Chile-garlic sauce

10 peaches

I truly hope you have enjoyed the Jenny Craig Diet Plan!

For full meal plans and menus please visit the Jenny Craig Site.

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