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Ideal Weight Height Chart – For Women

What Is My Ideal Weight?

Ideal Weight Height Chart,The idea weight height chart below will show you what you should weigh in order to be considered your ideal weight.

As you begin any weight loss diet, it’s good to have a specific weight goal in mind.

Aim for a weight at which you feel you will look your best. Just remember that
there’s really no such thing as the “perfect” body weight.

Everybody comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are taller and others are shorter. Some people have big bones and others small ones.

However, there is an ideal weight range you should strive for depending on your height and body structure. It mainly depends on the size of your frame or bones.

Calculating ideal body weight is not too hard. For those of you who are mathematically inclined here are simple calculations for both men and women.


Ideal Weight For Women: How To Calculate It

Take 100 pounds for the first five feet of your height then and add five pounds for every extra inch to get to the midpoint of what should be your ideal body weight range.

Then take your bone structure into consideration.

If you are small boned subtract 15% from the normal frame weight in the chart. If you have large bones then add 15% to the normal frame weight. Looking at the ideal weight height chart can help you understand best.


Ideal Weight Height Chart  – For Women

Small-boned frame


Large-boned frame

5'5"=1065'5"=1255' 5"=l44
5'6"=1105'6"=1305' 6"=l50
5'7"=1155'7"=1355' 7"=l55
5'8"=1195'8"=1405' 8"=l61
5'9"=1235'9"=1455' 9"=l67
5'10"=1285'10"=1505' 10"=l73


A few Thoughts on the bathroom  scale

The ideal weight height chart is meant to give you a good idea how much you should weigh in a perfect world.

However, once you get to your best weight you should not just throw out your bathroom scale.

There is research that shows that weighing yourself on a scale is a good idea because it will help to keep you at your ideal weight.

But you don’t need to weigh yourself three times a day. Once a week is fine.This way if you see that you are gaining back weight you know to get back to your diet.

Using your scale once you have reached an ideal weight for your height and bone structure will help you stay at your best weight because you will be keeping tabs on your weight by weighing yourself every so often.

If you don’t use a scale it is very easy for the weight to start creeping back up. Before you really notice it might be too late and you then you will have a lot of weight again.

So, don’t make it hard on yourself. Keep a scale to keep tabs on your weight after you have lost it.

Once you have reached the right weight according to the ideal weight height chart above it’s way easier to maintain your weight than it is to lose it all over again.

Check here to see how men can calculate their ideal weight and for the ideal weight chart for men.


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