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Ideal Height Weight Charts -For Men

 Ideal Height Weight ChartsBelow you will find ideal height weight charts for men and a link to the ideal weight chart for women.

The calculation is similar for women and men.

You’ll need to take not only your height and weight into consideration, but also factor in the type of body frame you have.

Your ideal weight will depend on whether you are small boned, larger boned or just medium boned.

There really is not an ideal or “perfect body weight” but there is a range in which you should fall for your specific height, weight, and bone frame.

Calculating ideal body weight is not that hard if you have a brain for numbers.

Here is how you would calculate it if you did the math yourself. For those who don’t want to think this hard just look at the table below which will show you your ideal weight.


Ideal Weight For Men  – How To Calculate It

Take 110 pounds for the first five feet of your height. Add six pounds for each extra inch to get to the midpoint of what would be considered your ideal body weight range. Then factor in your body structure.

If you’re smaller boned then subtract 15% from the normal frame weight in the below chart. If you have a larger bone structure then add 15% to the normal frame weight in the chart below.

The ideal height weight charts for men is below. This ideal weight table helps to give you a general idea on a goal weight to strive for if you are on a weight loss diet.

Men’s Ideal Height Weight Charts

Small Boned
Medium Boned
Large Boned
5' 1"=995' 1"=1165' 1"=133
5' 2"=1045' 2"=1225' 2"=140
5' 3"=1095' 3"=1285' 3"=147
5' 4"=1145' 4"=1345' 4"=154
5' 5"=1195' 5"=1405' 5"=161
5' 6"=1245' 6"=1465' 6"=168
5' 7"=1295' 7"=1525' 7"=175
5' 8"=1345' 8"=1585' 8"=182
5' 9"=1395' 9"=1645' 9"=189
5' 10"=1455' 10"=1705' 10"=196
5' 11"=1505' 11"=1765' 11"=202
6' 1"=1606' 1"=1886' 1"=216
6' 2"=1656' 2"=1946' 2"=223
6' 3"=1706' 3"=2006' 3"=230
6' 4"=1756' 4"=2066' 4"=237
6' 5"=1806' 5"=2126' 5"=244
6' 6"=1856' 6"=2186' 6"=251

Speaking Of Bathroom Scales

As, I had mentioned on the page for women’s ideal weight you should get yourself a bathroom scale (if you don’t already own one ) and weigh yourself once a week after you reach your ideal goal weight.

By keeping track of your weight you will be able to see if you start to gain any back. Then you can just cut back your food intake or increase exercise to ensure you keep from gaining all the weight back.

Trust me, its way easier to keep it off than start dieting from scratch once more. It’s best not to get into a “yo-yo diet” syndrome because when you do, you tend to gain more weight back with every attempt.

That makes things so much more difficult. Keep it simple and easy by always monitoring your weight.

Now that you have checked your best weight with the ideal height weight charts its time to get dieting and drop those pounds!

Here is the link to the women’s ideal height weight charts.

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