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High Fiber Diet Plan

high-fiber-diet-planFollowing a high fiber diet plan can help those that suffer from constipation or other bowel related problems.

You need roughly 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily, depending of course, on your size. Woman tend to need around 25 grams or so and men 35 grams of fiber or more.

Fiber, also known as roughage or bulk, is not hard to get in your food, but we often have to make a conscious effort to get enough of it. It can be easy to eat highly processed junk foods with little to no fiber because they are quick and convenient

What Is Fiber?

Fiber is basically the parts of fruits, vegetables and grains that cannot be digested but that help move food though our digestive tract. It is important to keep the body cleaned out in order to avoid foods just sitting in our system and putrefying. When food is putrefied in our body, diseases can start breeding. A high fiber diet plan helps eliminate toxins.

Other studies have shown that getting enough fiber has cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Benefits Of Dietary Fiber

Science shows that high-fiber diets and high fiber diet plans can reduce the risk of chronic heart disease, diabetes, and diverticulitis.


Soluble Or Insoluble Fiber?

There are two different types of high-fiber foods. Foods high in soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Click here for a list of the best sources of both types and some tips on how to get more fiber in your diet.

List of High Fiber Foods

To start on your high fiber diet plan you need to either chose high fiber foods from a high fiber foods list or use the following high fiber diet plan as a sample to get started.

You can also use the list of high fiber foods and create your own fiber diet eating plan or menus that will be fiber rich.

High Fiber Diet Plan Sample

Here is a high fiber eating plan that gives you some idea of how to eat to get enough fibre. It shows the food and the amount of fiber only, calories are excluded for this example.
You can easily find a list of calories in foods here.




1/2 cup apple juice (125ml) 0.5 g
1 cup cooked oat bran cereal (250ml) 4.1 g
topped with milk 0.0 g
1/4 cup raisins (50ml) 3.5 g


1 Bran muffin 2.5 g


1 cup Split pea soup (250 ml) 5.3 g
Tuna sandwich on whole grain bread
bread 3.0 g
tuna 0.0 g
1 cup low fat milk (250ml) 0.0 g


1 large apple 4.0 g


3 oz cooked chicken breast (90g) 0.0 g
1 baked potato baked with skin 3.6 g
1/4 cup fresh mixed peas (50 ml) and 1 chopped carrot   4.3 g
salad greens 1.0 g
1 cup low fat milk (250 ml) 0.0 g

Total Fiber 31.8 g


Although dietary fiber is good for you, make sure not to over do it. Too much fiber can make you feel bloated or gassy. Always increase your fiber slowly to help control gas.
Fiber needs water to work best, so drink lots and lots of water.

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