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heart-health-dietYou probably have your own reasons for going on a health heart diet.

Whatever your reason is, a healthy heart diet involves eating a low-fat and low salt type of diet.

If it’s good for your heart then it’s probably good for your health overall.

Salt is a mineral that has been linked to high blood pressure and when you eat too much salt it affects your blood pressure.  Besides salt, eating too much fat, especially the wrong type of fat,  can raise your blood cholesterol, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Read a little more about the types of fat here  because you know what they say “knowledge is power.”

The following diet gives you an outline on what to eat each day on a health heart diet. You could also follow our low-fat gallbladder diet if you happen to have trouble with your gallbladder as well.

Try to incorporate low-fat eating and low-fat low salt recipes in your diet. Put away the salt shaker too, because you will get enough dietary salt in the food you eat.

Salt is in almost everything you buy at the grocery store unless you really pick and chose wisely or eat mostly raw natural foods from nature like fruits and vegetables.

Snapshot Of A Health Heart Diet

(this is a diet that is a good diet high blood pressure)

As always be sensible in portion size. How much you eat is just as important as putting down the salt shaker and cutting the fat.

Here are your healthy heart menu guidelines. You can make your own heart healthy diet plan by following these guidelines and choosing from low-fat, low salt foods. Also, think about eating high fiber foods with this diet to flush away bad cholesterol.

Your Health Heart Diet Breakfast

Whole grain cereal or oat bran with low-fat milk and fruit of your choice

  • Cereal: Start the day with a high fiber cereal to keep hunger away for the rest of the morning. A good choice is oat bran because it is high in soluble fiber the type that helps lower blood cholesterol. Sprinkle a few flax seeds over you cereal. (flax seeds again are high fiber)
  • Skim milk: Chose low-fat milk. Chose 1% milk to drink and use no fat milk in coffee or tea. I love low-fat soy milk which is also a good alternative.
  • Fruit: A banana or orange is a good choice to increase fiber and antioxidants.
Healthy Heart Diet Lunch

Enjoy a turkey of chicken breast sandwich with a side of vegetables. Think colors of the rainbow when chosing fruits and veggies in order to get a variety of different nutrients.

To build your sandwich:

  • Bread: Whole grain buns and bagels that are smaller in size. You have probably seen those big large bagels in the store. Chose the smaller bagels which will save you calories fat and money.
  • Spreads: White spreads like butter, margarine and mayonnaise are the highest fat selections. Use lower or low-fat versions of these on one side of the bread and mustard or relish or cranberry sauce on the other side.
  • Turkey or Chicken: Get skinless turkey or chicken when you shop. Tuna and salmon are also good as is veggie “ham” or “turkey” slices. Lean roast beef or ham are okay too.
    Stay away from processed meats such as bacon and sausages and corned beef, as well as high fat cheeses. Avoid pre-packaged,fat loaded egg, tuna and chicken salad sandwiches.
  • Veggies: Load your sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes,onions, green peppers.
  • Side of Vegetables: Enjoy raw veggies like carrot, pepper , broccoli, cauliflower and celery.


  • Low fat latte or yogurt with fruit.
    Have a mild afternoon snack even when not hungry so that you don’t over eat at dinner or in the evening.
Health Heart Diet Dinner
  • Salmon baked with brown rice, steamed vegetables and a big salad
  • Salmon: Choose skinless chicken or turkey, fish, lean meats, tofu or legumes.
  • Brown Rice: Chose brown over white for fiber, or eat root vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes and potatoes instead.
  • Veggies: Steam them, stir fry them or microwave, but never fry them. Use oil sprays for stir fries.
  • Salad:Use low-fat dressing or a vinegar seasoned with herbs

If you find you are still hungry eat more salad!


Fruit or Low fat milk

  • Fruit is a good option anytime or choose low-fat yogurt for something different.

You can see that this diet adds no extra salt and tells you to stay away from processed foods because they have so much added salt.

When you shop you have to make sure to look at labels and buy only low in fat products otherwise you will end up with more fat then you need to be eating in most cases.

There are more good reasons to stay away from processed food. I learned recently that processed foods contain  something called AGEs that contribute to arthritis.
AGEs are substances that get cleaved off of foods that have been carmelized (processed foods.)

When AGEs reach your joints they can cause diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart problems.

If you follow the guidelines for the health heart diet above you will cut fat and salt intake and be on your way to eating heart healthy.


P.S. There is one other thing you should do to keep your heart healthy. Along with a proper diet, you should also do some form of exercise. There are many reasons to exercise on a regular basis but many people can’t seem to find the time for exercising.

However, you need to click  here now and read the benefits of exercise and the reasons will be quite clear as to why you should start an exercise routine combined with a proper diet.


Resources:  visit the heart and stroke foundation website for more information on keeping your heart healthy and happy.

Net Health Book:
This is a free Internet based health book with information about most major medical diseases, their symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments, all in simple, everyday language.



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