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Gain Weight Quick Diet

gain-weight-quick-dietIf you are trying to gain weight quick we can tell you how to do it fast.

Most of us know how hard it can be to lose weight. But some people actually can have trouble gaining weight.

This can often be due to having a small boned frame or having a very fast metabolism.

If you are one of those people we have some gaining weight diet advice for you below.

Eat Eat And Eat

In order to gain weight quick on a skinny frame you have to increase the amount of food you eat. To start gaining weight you should increase you daily calorie intake by at least 500.
If you do this you can gain at least 2 pounds per week. If you want to gain faster then you simply have to eat even more.

If you are not used to counting calories go here and keep track of at least two days of what you normally eat now. Write down what you eat and how many calories you normally eat.

Then try adding 500 calories a day more to start your weight gain diet.

 Gain Weight Quick Diet Secret

One thing you can do it go to a health food store and buy special protein powders like body builder’s do. These protein powders have more calories plus added vitamins and minerals. Body builders use them tobulk up.”

Mix up a drink or two each day following the instructions on the container and you will add quite a few  more calories to your diet each day. (look at the protein powder labels. if you have to choose between different protein powders but not sure which one, choose the one highest in calories)

This is an easy way to get the extra calories if you are the type  of person who does not have a big appetite.

How Do I Know This?

Because this is exactly the same problem I had when I was  a teen. I was very thin and wanted to gain weight quick too, so I used protein powders to put on the pounds. It took
about 1-2 weeks  of drinking these drinks and eating a bit more and I put on weight pretty quick.

I don’t recommend drinking or eating too much each day because when you put on weight to fast you can end up with stretch marks on your skin (which will likely never go away)

Again, how do I know this? Through experience. I drank way too many drinks to fast and gained too much weight too fast. And I still have those stretch marks on my legs to prove it.

So, I can’t tell you strongly enough, not to gain weight too fast! I know this sounds strange since this page is about gaining weight fast, but it would be irresponsible of me to not at least warn you!

No matter what size or weight you are now, simply increase your calories by 500 each day and you will gain at least 8-10 pounds in a month.

Here are the best foods to add more calories. They are healthy foods which is why I am including them.

Include These Foods

These foods have more fat content which will help with weight gain, however be aware that too much fat in your diet is not necessarily a good thing. You should eat
plenty of low fat foods too, like salads with low fat dressings and perhaps alternate drinking full fat milk with 1 or 2% so that you don’t get an overload of fat.
Even if you are trying to gain weight quick you still want to be healthy!

  • full fat milk
  • all kinds of nuts and dried fruit. You can add to your cereal in the morning or to any salad.
  • cheeses, sour cream and cream soups.
  • heavy grain bread like pumpernickel or everything bagels.
  • granola cereal
  • bran or other muffins
  • avocado
  • potatoes, squash
  • ice cream
  • yogurt
  • peanut butter
  • milkshakes
  • cookies
  • cakes
  • McDonald’s or other fast food (try eating a meal there now and then just because the food WILL help you gain)



  • please don’t make all your meals there though (there is a movie on
    a guy who ate all his meals at McDonald’s for a month or something and when the doctor did his blood tests, he was very unhealthy from eating such high fat food all the time. (he had high cholesterol levels way out through the roof etc) You can see the movie here if you want.

Gain Weight Fast Tip

Sprinkle things like raisins, nuts, seeds, flax or other caloric add-on foods in order to increase calories in each meal.

In summary, it really is much easier to gain weight then lose it. All you must do is eat more. But if you have a low appetite then try adding the protein powder shakes to your meals but just eat the way
you always do and you will gain weight quick anyway.

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