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Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

This page will show you what to eat for a 7 day fruit and vegetable diet, and it includes a 7 day printable shopping list. Just right click this page and you can print out the entire page.

It is a well known fact that fruits and vegetables are good for you. They contain a large amount of fiber and are chock full of vitamins and minerals. Most Americans don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables.

many fruits and vegetables are low in calories. That makes them perfect for any weight loss program, or for anybody who wants to improve their health in general.

The following diet, while based on fruits and vegetables, does allow for fish, porridges and other foods. The reason being, many people find it hard to stick to a diet where you can ONLY eat fruits and vegetables and nothing else.

We added some lean meat, poultry, bread, cereals and dairy products to this diet so you will find it easier to follow You can, however, chose to eat only the fruit and vegetable portions of the diet if you want a true fruit and veggie diet only.

Attention: if you decide to should follow the meal plan without any meat, fatty acids and dairy, do so for only 2-3 days, because eating only fruits and vegetables for long periods of time will lead to certain nutritional defiecincies.

The Advantages of Fruit and Vegetable Diets:

• contains many useful vitamins and minerals for your body
• is easy to follow
• skin and hair are enhanced by the fatty acids contained in some fruits and vegetables (avocado, banana etc.)
• allows you to deal with chronic diseases (type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure)

The Drawbacks of Fruit and Vegetable Diets:

• low-calorie diet
• people who prefer to eat large amounts of meat and carbohydrates do not like this meal plan

Features of Fruit and Vegetable Diets:

• not suitable for those who have contraindications from a doctor to follow this diet
• not suitable for people with allergies to certain fruits or/and vegetables
• not suitable for short-term follow
• it requires some physical activity

What  You Need

• drink plenty of water (more than 2 liters per day)
• have mostly raw vegetables and fruits, they retain more nutrients
• have patience to see results in yourself
• before starting the diet, you should consult with a personal doctor


7 Day Fruit and Vegetable Meal Plan

Fruit and Vegetable diet: Monday

1 cup of smoothie (basil, blackberries, ½ banana, ½ pear, strawberries)
1 portion of omelet: 2 whites with sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, parsley, garlic and green onion

1 sliced cucumber
½ sliced papaya

150 g nonfat yogurt with some fresh raspberries
130 g cooked chicken breast

½ cup mashed potatoes
½ cup green peas with arugula, ¼ cubed pear, 1 tsp olive oil, and spices

Fruit and Vegetable diet: Tuesday

1 slice of crispy brown bread with 3-4 thin slice of avocado, grated feta, some pomegranate grains
1 cup of green tea with pomegranate flavor

1 cup of tomato juice

150 g cooked lean beef with onion, mushrooms, and ¼ sliced avocado
1 portion of healthy salad: 1 handful arugula, 1 handful basil, chopped garlic, salt, pepper, 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tbsp grated Parmesan

1 baked eggplant with tomatoes, salt, pepper and fresh parsley
½ cup skim milk or kefir



Fruit and Vegetable diet: Wednesday

1 portion of veggie salad with 2 whites: 1 shallots, 8 green asparaguses, 2 handfuls arugula, 1 bell pepper, salt, pepper, parsley, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 chopped boiled whites.
½ cup of pomegranate juice + ½ cup of water

1 cup of smoothie: lettuce, asparagus, avocado, parsley

1 slice of crispy brown bread with 1 tsp. creamed cottage cheese, 2 thin slices smoked salmon, chopped green onion, and ½ sliced cucumber with ¼ tsp seeds of your choice

½ cup cooked orzo pasta, 100 g cooked turkey breast with salt and pepper
1 cup low-cal yogurt with pomegranate grains



Fruit and Vegetable diet: Thursday

1 slice of crispy brown bread, 2 cubed bell peppers baked with 75 g feta and 70 g mozzarella + salt and pepper
1 cup of water with basil and blackberries

1 green apple
½ cup cherries

2 pancakes with 1 tsp low-fat sour cream
1 cup fresh berries: blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc
1 cup tomato juice

½ cup cooked shrimps
2 cups salad: 2 handfuls arugula, 1/2cubbed avocado, lemon juice (1 tbsp), salt and pepper
½ orange

Fruit and Vegetable diet: Friday

1 cup of oatmeal with cubed strawberries, 2 dates, and cinnamon
1 sliced cucumber, 1/4 sliced avocado, 5-7 Brussels sprouts
1 cup of chamomile tea

1 cup of blueberries
½ pear

1 portion of baked pumpkin with chicken breasts: 1 cup cubed pumpkin, 150 g chicken breasts skin and bone free, ¼ cup baby carrots, onion, chopped bell pepper, 1 tomato, 1 tbsp olive oil, parsley, dill, pepper, salt
½ cup grapefruit juice

1 cup cooked cauliflower with 50 g grated cheese, garlic, salt
150 g low-fat yogurt with 1/2 sliced mango

Fruit and Vegetable diet: Saturday

1 portion of spicy mushrooms with garlic, green onion, parsley, 1 tbsp cottage cheese and your favorite spices or dressing (low-cal, non-fat)
1 cup mixed greens salad

1 cup of orange juice
1 sliced carrot or ¾ cup baby carrots

1 cup cooked beans with rice and spices of your choice
1 apple
1 slice (about 150 g) baked trout

1 slice brown bread with 1 tbsp cream cheese, basil, wild berries
1 cup of warm salad: cooked eggplant, zucchini, cubed bell pepper, 1 tsp olive oil, salt, parsley, balsamic vinegar

Fruit and Vegetable diet: Sunday

½ cup cooked brown rice with 1 cup Caprese
½ grapefruit
½ cup apple juice

1 slice of brown bread with 1 tbsp non-fat creamed cottage cheese

2 jacket potatoes baked with ½ handful parsley, garlic, 1 tsp olive oil, pepper, salt and cubed cooked lean beef (120 g)

1 omelet: 2 whites, 1 handful basil, 5-7 sliced cherry tomatoes, onion, parsley
1 cup of pomegranate juice with water


Fruit and Vegetable Diet: Shopping List

Blackberries 300 g
1 banana
Pears 400 g
Strawberries 300 g
1 papaya
Raspberries 300 g
2 pomegranates
2 green apples
Cherries 100 g
Blueberries 300 g
1 orange
Dates 100 g
1 mango
1 grapefruit
Basil 3 packs
Tomatoes 500 g
Mushrooms 600 g
Parsley 3 packs
Garlic 1 pack
Green onion 1 pack
Cucumbers 700 g
Potatoes 600 g
Green peas 100 g
Arugula 3 packs
Avocado 700 g
Onion 1 pack
Eggplants 500 g
1 shallots
Asparagus 500 g
Bell pepper 800 g
Lettuce 200 g
Brussels sprouts 300 g
1 small pumpkin
Baby carrots 100 g
Dill 1 pack
Cauliflower 200 g
Mixed greens salad 1 pack
Carrots 200 g or baby carrots
Zucchini 200 g
5-7 cherry tomatoes
Non-fat yogurt 300 g
Feta 200 g
Parmesan 100 g
6 eggs
Skim milk or kefir 1 bottle
Creamed cottage cheese 1 small pack
Low-cal yogurt 200 ml
Mozzarella 70 g
Low-fat sour cream 1 pack
50 g grated cheese
Cottage cheese 1 pack
Cream cheese 1 pack
700 g chicken breast
600 g lean beef
2 thin slices smoked salmon
300 g turkey breast
300 g shrimps
Trout 300 g
Olive oil 1 bottle
Spices 1 pack
Brown bread 1 loaf
Green tea with pomegranate flavor 1 pack
Tomato juice 400 ml
Salt 1 pack
Pepper 1 pack
Lemon juice 1 small pack
Pomegranate juice 1 bottle
Seeds of your choice 1 pack
Orzo pasta 1 pack
2 pancakes
Oatmeal 1 pack
Cinnamon 1 pack
Chamomile tea 1 pack
Grapefruit juice 1 bottle
Orange juice 1 bottle
Beans 200 g
Rice 1 pack
Balsamic vinegar 1 bottle
Brown rice 1 pack
Caprese 200 g
Apple juice 1 bottle

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