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flat stomach diet

Looking for a way to get rid of a fat or protruding stomach? Why not try a flat stomach diet?

Many people have what is called “belly bloat” that they can’t seem to get rid of no matter what they do. Does this sound like you?

If you have a hard time getting rid of your stomach then one thing you can do is try a flat stomach diet. It will eliminate
the things you may be eating that are causing your stomach to bloat out like a balloon.

We will show you some main causes of bloated stomach so you gain a little insight into why you might have that big ole gut!

In order to get a totally flat stomach you might want to start doing some flat belly exercises in combination with this diet. Diets for flat stomach will work together with stomach workouts for a flat stomach. The two together will get rid of belly bloat.

Especially crunches and sit ups that will help strengthen your stomach wall and tighten up the look of your mid-section.

However, if you are the lazy type you should be able to lose your belly by following a flat stomach diet similar to the one below if you stick with it for a while. It’s a one day example
of the belly bloat diet plan.

Keep in mind that you will have to stick to a diet like this for at least 6 weeks or more
to see good results. And of course, you will have to maintain it if you want to keep your tummy slim forever.

The most important thing you should know before you start is to never overeat. The number one thing that will make your belly stick out is overeating!

Also stay away from foods that might bloat you. Foods with lots of salt or too much yeast can make you bloat. Limit the amount of bread you eat each day and put away the salt shaker.

Flat Stomach Diet – One Day Sample Menu

Drink 8-10 glasses water every day on a flat stomach diet.


1 packet instant oatmeal or cream of wheat
1 cup milk
handful of raw sunflower seeds, unsalted
1 apple


1 slice of deli turkey
1 low fat 3 oz stick or piece of cheese
1/2 cup grape tomatoes


3 oz chicken breast boneless skinless
1 cup string beans with a little butter
1/2 cup brown rice

You can see that this diet has no bread since bread can bloat you like we mentioned earlier. You also drink lots of water because water will help flush out any toxic build up that might be contributing to
your bloat.

A lot of what gets stuck in a bloated belly is toxic material your body is hanging on to and not eliminating. The trick is to try to get all that build up out of your intestines by eating only low-fat, low-calorie foods and eating fruits and veggies that contain water.

You could also try doing a detox diet for three weeks where you eat plain natural foods, or do a juice diet and drink only fresh fruit and vegetables for a number of days.

This is a simple one day example of a flat stomach diet to reduce the tummy area. So many people experience belly bloat that a guy wrote a book on it called “The Flat Belly Diet”

Since there is more information to just this one day diet you should consider getting the book and following his more detailed long-term diets.

Again, the flat stomach diet can be followed by getting the flat belly diet book from amazon or perhaps the library.

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