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Fit For Life Diet

fit-for-life-dietI tried this diet years ago and found it to be very effective for weight loss and your health.

It left my skin glowing and soft and I had a lot of energy.

The diet was created by two nutrition specialists, a husband and wife team, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

You can eat a variety of foods with no calorie counting and still drop those nasty pounds.

The fit for life diet explains that dieting is not the way to weight loss. Depriving yourself is not the way to permanent and healthy weight loss.

The fit for life diet lifestyle means you will actually give up dieting and instead learn how to properly take care of your body.

This husband and wife team created a diet based on “natural hygiene”.

Natural hygiene means that your body is contstantly striving for health and it achieves this by constantly cleansing itself of waste products. It is understanding what effect food has on the health and length of ones life. The fit for life focus is on prevention and healthy lifestyle.

The main idea behind fit for life dieting is that the body is self-cleansing, self-healing and self maintaining. It is based on the idea that all the healing power in the universe is within the human body. That nature is always correct and can’t be improved.

This means that nature does not try to trip itself up or thwart its own design. Ilness only occcurs when we break the laws of nature or natural life.

Marilyn and Harvey Diamond put the basics of “natural hygeine” into a diet program. These are easy, common sense guidelines to eating that eliminate the need to “diet”.

The fit for life diet plan and menus are based on our natural body cycle.

What Are The Natural Body Cycles?

Scientists did research on the physiological cycles or circadian rhythms/biological clocks of humans. Info from this research shows that a humans ability to deal with food is based on the proper functioning of 3 daily cycles. The 3 functions are based on the body. In easy to understand words, every day we eat, we absorb, and we get rid of what ever food we don’t use.

Each of these 3 cycles is always happening to some degree but each one is actually stronger at certain times of the day.


The fit for life diet strives to return us to this natual circadian rhythm. We should eat during noon to 8 pm, absorb our food from 8 at night til 4 am in the morning and eliminate what we have eaten from 4 am to noon the next day.

To work against this principle means you throw off your bodies natural cycle.

Metabolic Imbalance & High Water Content Foods

  • The diet also works on the theory of metabolic Imbalance which leads to weight gain and the principle of high water content food. This basically means concentrating the diet on fruits and vegetables which have high water content compared to processed foods.

Food Combining

  • Also, the fit for life diet revolves around proper food combining. Food combining is based on the idea that certain food combos are easier to digest.
    Having easy digestion leads to more energy in our body because the digestive process does not have to work as hard. Digesting food takes a lot of energy
    so making digestion as easy as possible means the stomach and intestines do less work, so more of the energy is left for you!

Correct Fruit Consumption

  • The principle of correct fruit consumption is another part of the fit for life diet. Our bodies are natually adapted to eat and digest fruit. Fruit (with a few exceptions) does not break down in the stomach which means in order for it to pass throught he stomach and give us its life giving energy it must not be combined with any other food. Fruit eaten alone will cleanse and detoxify your body.

The fit for life diet and fit or life diet plan revolve around a number of different principles. To best gain a thourough understanding of this diet you can get the fit for life diet book here.

Sample Fit For Life Diet Plan

Breakfast Guidelines

You eat only fruit and or fresh fruit juice and nothing else up until noon.

1. Start the day eating only fresh fruit juice if you like. A recommendation is between 8 to 14 ounces of juice.

2. Eat fruit throughout the morning whenever you feel hungry.

3. Eat at least 2 fruits in any 3 hour timeframe.

4. Eat as much as you desire. Try not to eat too much or too little.

5. Eat melons first before eating any other fruits if you desire.

6. Only eat bananas when you feel very hungry.


Fresh fruit juice, or carrot juice fresh, about 4 up to 8 ounces if you desire.

Energy salad with raw vegetables

Light dressing


A properly combined sandwich accompanied by celery or spears of cucumbers.

DINNER – sample from book

vegetable juice cocktail made fresh

Creamy cauliflower soup

Potato Boats or Chicken

String beans with garlic
Green french salad

The above is a one day sample of what you might eat. The Fit For Life outlines the entire program with recipes too!

Fit For Life Diet Tip


After you follow this diet for about one week you should notice alot more energy and nice skin.

Again here is the link to get the Fit For Life(book)

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