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snack-free-snacks Looking for fat free snacks?
If you’re dieting or on a weight loss diet plan or program to get rid of extra fat, you know how hard it can be to eat like a bird.

Sometimes you just have to have that little extra snack.

I KNOW, that YOU KNOW what I mean!

The good news is, there are fat free snacks that you can use to add variety to your meals.



Just be careful because it is easy to think that because these foods are low or no fat you can eat as much as you want.

That is not true.  You still have to make sure you don’t gorge yourself on snacks and desserts or you WILL gain weight.

These low fat foods are meant to be used in between meals when you are just getting tired of that other stuff….arrggh…SALADS!

The following snacks have either no-fat or very low-fat under 3 grams. They are the lowest fat snacks and they include candies, desserts, chips and of course, fruit.


48 Fat Free Snacks

Food                                                  Portion Size                Calories

Apple                                                1 medium                         81
Applesauce unsweetened                 ½ cup                              53
Apricots,                                            5 dried                            83
Apricots, fresh                                   3 medium                        51
Bagel                                                 ½ of a bagel                   81
Banana                                             1 medium                        100
Blueberries                                       1 cup                               82
Bread, sourdough                             1 slice                             70
Butterscotch candy                           4 pieces                          88

Cantaloupe,  cubed                           ½ cup                             57
Carrot                                               1 medium                        31
Celery                                               1 stalk                              6
Cereal, frosted,
shredded wheat                                4 biscuits                       100
Cookie, devil’s food, Iow-fat              1                                     50
Cookie, pecan,                                 1                                     40

Cottage cheese,                               ½ cup                             81
Cracker, graham                               ¼                                   59
Crackers, Saltines                            5                                     60
Crackers, whole-wheat fat free         5                                     60
Crackers whole wheat only               6                                     95                                 Cucumber                                        1 medium                        16
Dill pickle                                         1 medium                        12
Fig bars,fat-free                               2                                     100
Fruit juice bar                                  1                                      25
Grapefruit                                        1/2 medium                     37          Grapes                                            1 cup                               59
Gummi bears                                   3 pieces                           21
Honeydew melon, cubes                  1 cup                               60
Jelly beans                                       8 large                             83
Life savers candy                            1  candy                           9
Orange                                            1 medium                         65
Peach, dried                                    1 medium                         62
Peach, fresh                                    1 medium                         37
Peppers, green or red                     1 large                             20
Pineapples, cubes                           1 cup                               78
Popcorn, caramel, low fat                1 cup                               100
Popcorn, light                                  1 cup                               45
Potato chips, fat-free                       30 chips                          110
Pretzels, whole wheat                      1 small                             51
Pudding, chocolate                          4 oz or 1/2 cup                70
Raisins, seedless                            1/8 cup                             55
Rice cakes, plain                             1 cake                              21
Strawberries                                     1 cup                               45
String cheese, low-fat                      1 string                             60
Tortilla chips,
low-fat baked with salsa                   10 chips                           90
Tuna, in water                                 2 0z.                                  65
Yogurt, non-fat                                1/2 cup                             60
Yogurt bar, frozen non-fat               1 bar                                 45

P. S.

Another good trick to know when you are dieting other than lowfat snacks, is to eat meals under a certain amount of calories.
Try checking out our low calorie breakfast ideas,   low calorie lunch ideas   and  low calorie dinners  because it will help you if you are planning a diet.

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