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Diet For Yeast Infection

diet for yeast infectionA diet for yeast infection has food restrictions because foods that contain yeast contribute to yeast infections and candida in the body.

Certain foods should not be eaten on an anti-candida diet.

There are different types of yeast in our bodies but many people have an overgrowth of one certain type called Candida.

Diet and the foods containing yeast can contribute to an overload of Candida in your body and cause candida yeast infections.

Some women are prone to yeast infections so a diet that restricts foods containing yeast will help keep this condition from re-appearing.

Another reason to go on a yeast infection diet is if you are trying to lose weight. It can be hard to lose weight if you have too much yeast built up in your system.

Yeast infections in the body can cause or lead to other health problems. Candida symptoms include lethargy, depression, fatigue, headaches, inability to concentrate, gas, diarrhea and bloating, breathing problems, and urinary and reproductive disorders.

The most common candida infection symptoms are bloating or gas.

You should try to stick to a candida infection diet for a week and then gradually introduce yeast foods back into your diet in moderation.

If you suffer from yeast insensitivity you may have to limit the number of yeast causing foods you eat or you will see your yeast infection or yeast related health problems coming back again.

The first step to starting a diet for yeast infection is to look at and print out this candida diet food list. (candida diet is just another word for yeast diet)

Two important points to a diet for yeast infection is to remember to shop for foods that are sugar free and do not contain yeast in the ingredients. Also do not use vinegar and look for things like mayonnaise that is vinegar free.

Following is a one day anti-candida diet to try. You can try it for one day and if you want to continue on the diet this book is a good reference. It gives you more information and a longer diet to try.

Cooking for Candida: Recipes and Diet Plans with Vegetarian Options

You can make up your own diet too by avoiding foods on our list including sugar, vinegar and yeast foods.

Since a candida infection diet is not necessarily a weight lose diet we didn’t include portion sizes below. It’s common sense that if you are also trying to lose weight you limit your portion size as well.

Diet For Yeast Infection (candida diet plan)


2 eggs soft or hard boiled or poached
2-3 slices broiled ham
1 slice of yeast free toast with butter or margarine
(you might have to check our health food store or organic food section for yeast free bread)
decaf tea or coffee with sugar and cream substitute


tuna sandwich made with vinegar free mayonnaise
on yeast and sugar free bread with lettuce and tomato
Big green salad with vinegar free Italian dressing
Diet pop, water with lemon or decaf tea or coffee

Italian dressing:

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup wine vinegar
1 clove garlic
1/2 tsp seasoned salt
pepper to taste

Mix this up in a jar and refridgerate until ready to use so the spices can mix together.


1 baked chicken breast
1 cup squash
green beans
1 baked potato with butter or margarine

decaff tea or coffee with cream and sugar substitute


can include anything sugar or yeast free


Once you have stayed on a diet for yeast infection for about a week you should see your yeast infection clearing up.

However, keep yeast containing foods to a minimum if you want to keep your body yeast free.

Candida Testing

Do home candida testing with a kit that will help you see how much candida overgrowth you may have. This kit will also show you any yeast infection candida you may have before trying the diet.
Viaguard Diagnostix Trichomonas/candida Yeast Infections Test for Women and Men. Contains Two Complete Tests, a Primary and Subsequent Confirmatory Test.

If you take the test again after doing this diet for yeast infection you will be able to see how much of the candida in your body has cleared up.

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