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Losing Weight on a Low Fat High Fiber Diet

Losing weight on a low fat high fiber diet Read more at weight on a low fat high fiber diet is easy when you know what to eat and what not to eat.


The first thing you should do when you want to lose weight on this diet is to cut out all of the high calorie foods. The reason for this is that many of the high calorie foods are also often high in fat and low in fiber.

Condiment Do’s And Don’ts

Losing weight on a low fat high fiber diet means knowing which foods to avoid and what to include. Condiments can often contain hidden fat that you don’t think about when you add them to food.

You should avoid adding high in fat  condiments to your food which include:

  • mayonnaise,
  • butter,
  • shortening,
  • sour cream,
  • eggs,
  • cream and oils.

You can add lite or fat-free condiments such as:

  • mustard,
  • salsa,
  • fat-free sour cream
  • low-fat or non-fat salad dressings
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • plenty of fresh herbs for flavor.

Losing weight on a low-fat high fiber diet also has a lot to do with how you prepare your food.

Meal Preparation

The way you prepare your meals will help you cut calories and fat. When you fry foods you usually use butter, margarine or high fat oils.

Instead of frying and sautéing in butter or margarine make your food by:

  • baking,
  • steaming,
  • broiling
  • grilling

Cooking this way cuts out the fattening butter, oils or margarine.

Remember that on a low-fat diet you can still have:

  • chicken,
  • beef
  • fish

just prepare them without any added fat.

Foods To Reduce

Make sure to reduce your intake of dairy products making better choices such as:

  • skim milk,
  • low fat or fat-free sour cream
  • and cut back on cheese or use light or calorie reduced or lower in fat cheeses.

Adding Fiber

Once some of the fat has been taken out of your diet you should now look to add in some fiber. Foods which have fiber will make you feel fuller longer and will help keep you digestive tract running smoothly. Good digestion means you won’t get constipated.

If you don’t like eating fruit and vegetables try juicing them and drinking them or adding to soups or sauces.

Don’t forget to include grains in your diet.
Make choices like whole grain products including whole grain pasta and bread.

As you follow a low-fat high fiber diet your body will be getting the nutrients it needs and you won’t be consuming any empty calories.
Foods which are high in fiber and low in fat include:

  • dried beans,
  • artichokes,
  • 100 percent bran cereal,
  • legumes,
  • dried peas,
  • dried fruit and berries.

Other great choices are baked potato, yams, brown rice, apples, rye bread, whole grain breads and pasta and spinach or collard greens.


Low Fat  High Fiber Diet Plan

Here is a low-fat meal plan sample for 1 day.


  • Start with scrambled egg whites,
  • a cup of berries
  • half slice of toast with sugar-free jam.

On another day you can have a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter and half an orange.

People always in a hurry can make a smoothie the night before with non-fat yogurt, stevia, fresh fruit and cinnamon and have that in the morning.


  • Salads are a great choice with some chicken or turkey added.
  • Use lemon juice with basil, salt and pepper instead of dressing.
  • Steam cabbage, broccoli, carrots, celery and chopped cilantro and toss with balsamic vinegar.
  • If making a sandwich choose one slice of whole-grain bread and add cucumbers, lettuce, and water-packed tuna.
  • Top this with a slice of low-fat cheese and melt under a broiler.
  • Fruit is always great for desert.


Eat food with protein – choose between:

  • chicken,
  • shrimp,
  • pork or hamburger  (lean varieties only)

For example:

  • Make a meatloaf out of lean ground turkey and lean ground beef and add vegetables like celery, onion, parsley and carrots, plus one egg and some flax meal.
  • To make a complete meal add some brown rice and a large salad.
  • Stir-fry veggies like bean sprouts, celery, onions and broccoli with chicken, beef or pork and season with ginger and low-sodium soy sauce.

Losing weight on a low-fat high fiber diet does not have to mean you cut out all the foods you love. You just have to choose the low-fat or no fat versions and cook them without added fat or calories.

check out the low fat low calorie high fiber recipes at



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Easy Ways To Burn Calories

There are easy ways to burn calories  (the energy in food)  by doing things you do daily.

Most of us are interested in knowing how many calories everyday activities or chores burn. I know I was when I was trying to lose weight!easy-ways-to-burn-calories

Having a chart of the ways to burn calories will come in handy if you are starting a weight loss diet because you will probably be combining exercise and diet to reach your goal weight.

If you find you don’t always have time for exercise but you have household chores to do you could do daily activities that burn calories as part of your calorie burning strategy.
This way you can burn calories while you take care of other responsibilities.

If  you where on a diet eating 1200 calories a day to lose weight then doing two of the exercises on the following calorie burning chart would help you burn an extra 300 calories a day. That would mean you will have only taken in 900 calories for the day.

Combined with counting the number of calories in your food and the number of calories you can burn with activity you can lose weight fast.

Easy Ways To Burn Calories  Doing Everyday Activities And Fun Exercises

When it comes to burning calories, every little bit helps. Here are 50 ways to burn an extra 150 calories fast. Burn baby burn!

Iron clothes for 68 minutes
Shoot pool for 58 minutes
Canoe leisurely for 50 minutes
Cook for 48 minutes
Wash and wax a car for 45 to 60 minute
Wash windows or floors for 45 to 60 minutes
Paper a wall for 45 minutes
Play volleyball for 45 minutes
Ballroorn dance for 43 minutes
Stock shelves for 40 minutes
Play croquet for 38 minutes
Reel in a large, feisty flsh for 36 minutes
Mop floors for 36 minutes
Grocery shop for 36 minutes
WaIk moderately for 1 3/4 miles in 35 minutes
Dust for 34 minutes
Vacuum for 34 minutes
Play horseshoes for 33 minutes
Play table tennis for 33 minutes
Garden for 30 to 45 minutes
Wheel yourself in a wheelchair for 30 minutes
Country line dance for 30 minutes
Shoot baskets for 30 minutes
Bicycle leisurely for 5 miles in 30 minutes

Dance for 30 minutes
Push a stroller for 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes
Rake leaves for 30 minutes
Walk briskly for 2 miles in 30 minutes
Mow the lawn with a power push mower for 29 minutes
Snowmobile for 29 minutes
Golf without a power cart for 26 minutes
Skate leisurely for 26 minutes
Stack firewood for 25 minutes
Snorkel for 24 minutes
Bowl for 23 minutes
Play badminton for 22 minutes
Play frisbee for 22 minutes
Scrub floors for 20 minutes
Skip rope for 18 minutes
Groom a horse for 17 minutes
Backpack with 12 pound load for 17 minutes
Ride a motorcycle for 16 minutes
Fork hay for 16 minutes
Bicycle fast for 4 miles in 15 minutes
Twirl a baton for 16 minutes
Climb stairs for 15 minutes
Shovel snow for 15 minutes
Snowshoe in soft snow for 13 minutes
Do the twist for 13 minutes

The above list of calories burned by activity shows you common activities or exercises.It’s a good chart to print out and use
so that you always have easy ways to burn calories if you don’t have time for the gym.

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Acid Reflux Diet Restrictions


If you want to know what foods to avoid and what type of acid reflux diet restrictions you should be following to cut down on stomach acid, we’ve got some good information for you.


Acid reflux disease also known scientifically as GERD, reflux esophagitis or peptic esophagitis (we call it just plain old heartburn!)is a sharp stinging or burning sensation a person gets when there is too much acid in the stomach. Acid from the stomach can splash up into the esophagus and cause gas, indigestion and discomfort.

It is often caused by eating foods that are very acidic. But it is also caused by something called pepsin.  If you are eating too many acidic foods and not enough alkaline foods there is a chance you could end up with acid reflux disease. All foods are either alkaline or acidic and each food is assigned a number on the PH scale according to how acidic the food is or how alkaline the food is. You want to avoid those foods that have a PH of less that 4-5 on the PH scale.

In order to stop reflux disease you need to eat more alkaline forming foods and cut down on  foods that are acidic in nature.

You can find a list of foods and there PH (acid or alkaline level) here.

If you are one of those unlucky people who is prone to acid reflux, take heart because you can cut down or stop your symptoms with the right acid-reflux-diet.

For the most part an acid reflux disease diet and acid reflux diet restrictions involve avoiding acid causing foods.


Acid Reflux Foods To Avoid

The worst foods for a “refluxer” are alcohol, chocolate and carbonated beverages (carbonated beverages with caffeine are the worst).

  • Soda,
  • Alcohol
  • Deep fried foods
  • chocolate
  • sausage
  • bacon
  • ribs
  • cream sauces like alfredo
  • high-fat meat like hamburger
  • butter and margarine
  • lard, shortening
  • tea or coffee
  • high fat nuts
  • peppermint and spearmint
  • citrus fruits
  • hot sauce and hot peppers
  • spicy foods

Acid Reflux Diet Restrictions For Some

Some people, not all, have problems with the following foods.

  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • onions
  • apples
  • cucumbers

Learning the acid reflux diet restrictions (foods to stay away from) is the right place to start but  its smart to know what you should be eating too. Check out the list of acid reflux foods that are good to eat.

Try our sample diet for acid reflux here. It is a sample menu that will help rid you of this harsh hurtful disease. It is made up with acid reflux diet restrictions in mind
so will give you an idea of what to eat on this type of diet.

Common medical names for acid reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD)
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease(GORD)
Reflux esophagitis, esophaegeal erosions
Extraesophageal reflux disease
Supraesophageal reflux disease
Atypical reflux disease
Silent reflux

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How To Reduce PMS Symptoms

How To Reduce PMS Symptoms

by eating the right foods

how-to-reduce-pms-symptomsMany woman suffer each month with premenstrual syndrome and as a woman I know it’s not fun. I will show you how to reduce PMS symptoms by changing what you eat and showing you which foods are best to eat just before your period.

(Please read this page first and then come back here and get your free PMS diet plan and PMS diet menu.)

Not only is it important to know what to eat but also which foods can aggravate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Take a look here to see which PMS foods to avoid.

While there are many possible causes of PMS or at least severity of PMS symptoms, knowing what to put into your body can really help.

Foods To Eat That Help PMS

There are many recommendations on how you can make dietary changes to help PMS. Our PMS dietary advice gives you the most important foods to eat that will help with PMS symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea, PMS headaches, irritability and PMS and depression
(caused by PMS) and premenstrual cramps.

So, before you go seeking other treatment for PMS try to alleviate PMS first through diet.

Here’s how to reduce PMS symptoms:(with the right foods)

1 – Salmon and fish – like tuna, sardines, herring and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids. You may have heard of them before because studies show that they can decrease cramps and other symptoms. Low levels of omega 3 have been linked to depression so if you are feeling the PMS blues reach for some fish. It also contains magnesium, iron and zinc plus calcium, all things women need to stay happy during PMS.

2 –Eat lean meats like chicken which contains selenium. Anxiety has been associated with low levels of selenium. Tuna and whole grains in particular contain this important mineral,so during PMS make sure to get lots. Other sources include Brazil nuts, lean beef and other seafood.

3. Soy protein – soy protein like tofu, soy milk, tempeh and edamame (boiled soybeans) contain plant hormones that can lessen PMS symptoms on the whole.
Evidence shows that soy helps the body absorb the extra estrogen and progesterone that can make you feel in a bad mood.

4. – Carbs – carbs build serotonin, which is the chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. Try eating complex carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables and whole
grains because they are broken down more slowly in the blood stream, keeping blood sugar levels even and serotonin levels more steady.

5. Water vegetables – many women suffer with bloating during PMS. In order to help alleviate bloat caused by PMS eat vegetables that have a high water content.
They help you go to the bathroom which aids in bloat reduction. Vegetables contain fiber too which helps elimination and abdominal bloat.

Since you came here to find out how to reduce PMS symptoms like bloating for example,
here is a handy list of foods that relieve PMS bloating.

A list of bloat reducing vegetables include: asparagus, beets, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, spinach, tomatoes.

6. Probiotics – these you can find in yogurt and are good bacteria that keep you regular and bloat free. Eat yogurt for the acidophilus it contains as well as the calcium.
Those women who eat the most calcium rich foods notice less menstrual problems, especially with their moods.

7. – Fats – there are essential fatty acids you need to metabolize hormones. These so-called EFAs contain a fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid and or omega-3 fats. These
fats help PMS because they help regulate many things in the body. Try getting some flaxseed oil at the grocery store because it has a lot of omega 3 making it good
to eat during your period.

8. Chocolate – chocolate boosts the serotonin in your brain (that feel good chemical you need to feel happy). It contains magnesium which helps calm you too.
Eating a half a dark chocolate bar or perhaps a hot chocolate made with cocoa can aid you in feeling better during PMS.

Tips On How To Reduce PMS Symptoms

Last by not least is to make sure you drink a lot of water. Many people think that drinking water when you are bloated just makes things worse.

In fact, the opposite is true because water helps your body to actually eliminate built up fluid.

So, now that you know how to reduce PMS symptoms by eating the right foods get your grocery list together and get your PMS diet started!

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Food Portion Sizes

Food Portion Sizes
Food portion sizes have tripled and they are making many people fat. See what a true portion size is and how to learn portion control.

It is very shocking what has happened over the past number of years to portions sizes of many foods. It seems that what was once considered to be a normal food portion has doubled or tripled in many cases.

Portion Sizes & Calories-  Then And Now

Examples to show how much portions size/calories have increased.

Food                                             1985                        2005

Cheeseburger                             330 calories            600 calories
French fries                                 220                         610
Spaghetti and meatballs              500                        1030
popcorn                                       275                         630

These are just a few example of portion sizes and how they have increased over the years. No wonder people are getting fatter!

It seems no matter where you eat, portions are enormous. That makes it extremely hard for many people to maintain a healthy weight.

Recent studies have shown that portion control may be the most effective and healthy, long-lasting weight loss solution. With portion control weight loss you don’t have to eliminate your favorite foods, but just eat less of them. It means minimizing, rather than maximizing the sizes.

Proper Serving Sizes

According to the United States Department of Agriculture one serving is equal to:

1 cup of lettuce
1 slice of whole grain bread
½ cup of cooked rice
1 medium apple
½ cup of mashed potatoes
½ cup of cooked or raw vegetables
1/4 pound hamburger patty
1 small baked potato
½ cup of berries
1 cup of yogurt or milk
1½ ounces of cheese

Proper Food Portion Sizes

Here are some tips for visually assessing proper food portion sizes without having to carry around a food scale

3-ounce serving of meat ( for example: a chicken breast portion size) is about the size of a deck or playing cards
1 cup of fruit is about the size of your small fist
6-ounce serving of fish is about the size of a checkbook
1 ounce of meat is about the size of a matchbook
3-ounce serving of sliced lunch-meat is about the size of 3 CDs
1 ounce serving of cheese is the size of a pair of dice
1 cup of potatoes, rice, or cereal is about the size of a baseball
½ cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt is about the size of 2 golf balls

Tips For Portion Control

Tips for food portion sizes include:

Use smaller plates. With a smaller plate, it’s less likely you will serve yourself more. It’s harder to pile up a small plate.

Only eat half. The next time you feel like you want to pig out on your favorite foods, just eat half. Add fruits or vegetables to you plate instead.

Read labels. When you purchase packaged foods always check labels to see what 1 serving is. It can be a big surprise to see just how small a true serving is supposed to be.

Never eat from the bag. When you eat from the bag it is hard to control just how much you are eating. Always measure out an amount that looks like a true portion onto a plate. This way you won’t overeat.

Don’t do buffets. Forget about dining at buffets. The fact you can eat as much as you want for the money is very tempting for many people. We feel we want to get “our moneys worth”, which can lead to piling up plates of food and going back for seconds.

Use the smaller plates provided at the buffet, if you do decide to go out for one, and don’t return for more. Better to be cheap when it comes to the food portions sizes than get greedy and get fat!!

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10 Tips For Healthy Living

10-tips-for-healthy-livingThese days, more of us are taking interest in, and control of our health. We do not want to end up with toxic bodies that make us sick before our time. Or ever, for that matter.

To stay healthy, and live healthy, includes knowledge of healthy eating and getting proper exercise.

Below are 10 tips for healthy living. They include healthy eating guidelines and healthy lifestyle info in general.

These 10 tips for healthy living are important to ward off sickness and disease and stay healthy. No matter what your lifestyle is now, you can improve it. Print out this page and keep it somewhere.
Use it when you feel you might be slacking at taking care of yourself. Use it as a way to pull yourself back and stay motivated to keep eating and living healthy. Healthy eating active living is the key.

Wake up each morning remembering that your health is number one. Without it you enjoy nothing, not health, not happiness, not your kids, husband, pets or job.

Make healthy living a priority and you will not have to follow diet plans at all. You will enjoy life and all of the things that go with it.


10 Tips For Healthy Living

1. Eat whole natural foods, especially fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and vegetable proteins such as nuts, seeds and beans.

2. You are what you eat so, put only quality food into your body. Eat none or very little sugar, excess fatty and rich foods, and foods with additives or chemicals or man-made coloring.

3. Drink no more than 4 oz. of liquids with meals, as it hinders the digestive process.

4. Chew your food thoroughly, and always eat when relaxed, never under stress.

5. Get lots of fiber in your diet by eating the majority of food by eating according to the number #1 tip above. You should use fiber supplements like psyllium or flax-seed if you feel you don’t get quite enough fiber. Getting enough
fiber is one of the best of the 10 tips for healthy living you should practice.

6. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. This includes herbal teas.

7. Use nutritional supplements and herbs if possible, rather than over the counter or prescription medication. Use natural remedies for minor health concerns.

8. Moderate your use of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. Beware of manufactured drugs, and recreational or street drugs.

9. Exercise every day. If you don’t yet have an exercise program, start one that includes activities that will provide endurance, cardiovascular training, strength training and enjoyment.

10. Maintain regular elimination. You should be moving your bowels at least once, if not twice a day. If you are not then be sure to eat more fiber or take supplements to keep your bowels and body clean and free of toxins.

While these 10 tips for healthy living are not all the ways to stay healthy and disease free, they are a good starting point for healthy lifestyle and over-all good health.

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Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

1.  Water

Water is one of the best top 10 fat burning foods because it has no fat or calories.

When you drink water you tend to feel fuller and this helps you to avoid overeating. Research also shows that drinking 6 cups or more of water a day can raise your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories)!!


2. Green tea

You have probably heard about this one already, and there is research to back it up. Science suggests that certain antioxidants in green tea called catechins polyphenols can help burn more calories and fat.

So, drink a cup or two of green tea each day to accelerate weight loss.

3. Oats

Enjoy the healthy goodness of oats, and you might not crave sweets, bread, or pasta.

That’s because those cravings can mean your brain has low levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that affects sensations and mood.

Your brain can make serotonin from tryptophan, an essential amino acid found in foods that are high in protein. Eating foods like turkey, dairy products, and nuts can get tryptophan into your blood.

But you need carbohydrates to move tryptophan into your brain.

All carbohydrates stimulate this serotonin production, but researchers at the University of South Alabama found that complex carbs, like oats, oatmeal, beans, and whole grains, also have a long-lasting mood-lifting effect.

These delicious, non-fattening foods can improve your mood and stop you from overeating. This is what makes them part of our list of  the top 10 fat burning foods!

4.  Brown rice

This nutty-tasting whole grain has lots of  fiber to fill you up. Research may have found a way to learn how to control the “hunger hormone” that will help rid us of cravings for good.

A smaller study showed that hunger-boosting changes in the levels of 2 hormones that have an effect on hunger could be linked to not getting enough sleep. More research will tell us if sleep loss affects how hungry we get.

Try steaming brown rice one or two hours before bed because it may help in your efforts to keep pounds off.

Brown rice  has melatonin, a natural hormone that helps regulate your body’s daily rhythms and promotes sleep. Bananas, rice, oats and  corn are other high sources of melatonin.

5. Turkey

Use ground turkey instead of ground beef and you’ll cut 5 grams of fat for every 3 ounces of meat.

Turkey is rich in tryptophan and protein. One turkey sandwich can increase your serotonin and help make you feel happier.

Feeling good tends to help you stop reaching for another snack which in turn keeps the fat off. You can certainly see why this is one of our top 10 fat burning foods.

6. Chestnuts

This is one top 10 fat burning foods you won’t find on most lists.

Consider this:

One chocolate chip cookie has 13 times more fat than one chestnut and twice the calories. Most nuts have a high fat content so are not the best thing to eat for weight loss.

The lowly chestnut however is much different. It has 2 fat grams per 1 ounce serving compared to something like almonds or peanuts with 14 grams!

So, chow down on chestnuts if you need a nutty snack.

7.  Popcorn

Eating a snack of air popped popcorn can keep you away from the vending machine and from eating that fattening chocolate bar or bag of chips.

The reason is that popcorn scores high on the satiety index, an index created by researchers to show which foods keep you feeling full the longest. Popcorn will keep you full twice as long as a candy bar according to their index.

The top 4 foods to keep you full are potatoes, apples, popcorn and brown rice.

8. Black beans

One study of men who ate black beans as part of their diet for three weeks showed black beans helped them lose weight and cut fat because of the high fiber content in the beans.

Harvard research found that women who ate the most high-fiber whole grain foods gained less weight than those who ate the most refined grains.

Get your 20-30 grams of fiber per day by eating black beans, fruits, veggies and whole grains to lose weight and burn fat.

9. Lemons

Add lemon to water because it helps clean your liver and body of toxins. You will have a hard time losing weight or cutting fat if your body is not clean.

10. Barley

Barley has lots of fiber and increasing fiber helps decrease the digestibility of fats and proteins so you absorb fewer calories. Fiber also absorbs water and swells  making you feel fuller longer after you eat. Soluble fiber even slows the movement of food through your digestive tract, again keeping you fuller longer.  Other fiber foods like buckwheat, millet, and corn can also do the trick.

That completes our list of the top 10 fat burning foods to aid in weight loss and help reduce and keep fat off your body.



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Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

Triple By Pass

benefits-of-vegetarian-dietDo I have your attention? The benefits of vegetarian diet can help you avoid a triple by-pass and many other health related problems.

Part of the reason is that vegetarian diets are low in fat. Eating a low fat diet cuts cholesterol which can build up in your arteries and lead to heart attack and stroke.
A healthy vegetarian diet does more then just cut cholesterol. One of the main reasons people decide to “go vegetarian” is to improve their health overall, especially improve their risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

If you go organic and vegetarian together you are really doing your body a great service. Not only do you cut out fat but also reduce the amount of pesticides and other toxins in foods which will really keep your body clean and disease free.


Healthy Vegetarian Diet 101

Becoming a vegetarian means different things to different people, but one thing vegetarians have in common is that sometimes other people who are not vegetarians will make you feel weird about being a vegetarian.

A friend of mine was at a party where the hostess was passing around a plate of cocktail weiners with those fancy little sticks. When the hostess came to my friend quietly said “No, thanks I’m a vegetarian.”

The hostess insisted “but everybody loves my cocktail wieners, c’mon try just one, what’s wrong with you, you’re at a party, live a little bit.”

Right after that someone else called out “vegetarian! since when!” and everybody turned and looked at you. Another party goer yelled “you won’t get enough protein or iron on that diet!”

This little story illustrates that being vegetarian is not the norm and shows that others will mentally test you’re beliefs in being a vegetarian.

However, you can feel very smug in knowing that those who eat meat, rather then a meatless diet, have a far greater risk of ending up on an operating table!

Silly them.

Of course, you will get enough calcium, iron and protein on a vegetarian diet. Along with that there are many benefits to vegetarian diet and dieting.

Many people are still ignorant about vegetarianism and the benefits of vegetarian diet, even these days with so much information about health online and in the news.

So, what’s the bottom line? You are probably not only here to learn the benefits of vegetarian diet but to start a vegetarian diet.

So, lets do it,but first read a bit about they different types of vegetarian you can become.

Types Of Vegetarians

There are basically three types of vegetarians.

1. Ovo-Lacto vegetarians -this is the most popular choice of new vegetarians. It means you don’t eat meat, but you still eat dairy products and eggs. This is the one I am!

2. Lacto vegetarians – they don’t eat any animal flesh or eggs but do eat dairy.

3. Vegans – they do not eat animal products of any type, including animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey.

You have to decide what type of vegetarin you want to be. Whichever degree of vegetarianism you chose you will get the same benefits of vegetarian diet. Also, you will find vegetarian cooking is far from boring.

There are many delicious vegetarian recipes and vegetarian diet food you can make and enjoy.

And no, you don’t have to eat tofu if you don’t like it, but it is one of the popular foods vegetarians eat.

Here are the top reasons you should become a vegetarian and this list will help you explain to others why they should become one too.

Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

There are several benefits of vegetarian diet and eating like a vegetarian.

1. Heart disease – the cornerstone of any vegetarian diet is the fact it’s high in fiber and carbohydrates which is the key to keeping heart disease away. In addition, the protein found in vegetables is shown to reduce cholesterol levels, while animal products protein has been shown to raise cholesterol levels. This means that any diet with less meat is going to stop the buildup of plague in your arteries.

Added to this is the fact that even if you now have high cholesterol or have had a heart attack, simply throwing out the meat and eating a vegetarian diet can stop plague from growing and shrink it too. This one point shows you how good the benefits of vegetarian diet really are.

2. High blood pressure – poor diet is a primary contributor to this condition. It goes hand in hand with high cholesterol which we mentioned above. Ovo- lacto vegetarians have less high blood pressure than meat eaters. Vegans are even better off.

3. Cancer– diet is the biggest cause of cancer. Diet is responsible for %35 to %65 of cancer cases. Studies have shown that societies that eat a high fat meat based diet have a much higher risk of getting cancer.

Cancers that are most caused by diet are known as “hormonal diet” because eating some types of foods increases the number of cancer causing hormones in our bodies. Prostate, breast and colon cancers are linked to red meat consumption for example.

4. Diabetes-research has shown that changing to a low fat, complex-carbohydrate based diet helps the body regain it’s ability to process insulin. Foods high in fiber also help slow the release of sugar into the blood, so blood sugar levels can remain more even.

Vegetarian Diet Menu & Plans

I thought you might be interested in what vegetarian diets acutally looks like. Here is a vegetarian diet plan for one day.

This one is for a ovo-lacto diet plan but if you want to go vegan you can cut out the dairy and eggs altogether.

Whichever type of vegetarian diet you choose you will get the full benefits of vegetarian diet and will greatly improve your overall health.

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Foods Good For The Heart


foods-good-for-heartThere are a number of foods you could say are foods good for the heart but there are some foods that help lower your blood pressure and cut your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Combine these with a heart healthy diet plan and you can stay heart disease free for a long time.

Top 12 List Of Foods Good For The Heart

1. Barley– bake with barley or serve it in soups of casseroles because it is one of the best grains you can eat to control your blood pressure. It has more fiber then most other grains and contains potassium and magnesium, two top minerals for fighting high blood pressure. Pearl barley has been polished to remove the hard outer shell. It can be used in side dishes instead of rice or pasta.

2. Celery– this is a good one folks. This is an age old Asian remedy for high blood pressure. Scientists of the day think that phthalides, the chemicals that give celery its unique flavor and smell, also reduce cholesterol and relax the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels to ease your blood pressure. It contains folate, potassium and vitamin C which are all heart friendly, blood pressure friendly nutrients. But celery does have a natural high salt content so be careful not to eat or juice too much celery because too much salt is counter productive if you are trying to bring down your blood pressure.

3. Broccoli. broccoli has at least four fighters in the battle against high blood pressure. It is included in this list of foods that lower blood pressure because it has calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Studies have shown that people with low levels of these nutrients tend to have higher blood pressure. Calcium and potassium help rid your body of sodium through your urine. Potassium and magnesium relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the blood vessels. Steam broccoli to get the most nutrients because vitamin C is lost when you boil or microwave it in water.

4. Beets- eat beet greens because half a cup of beet greens gives you more potassium then a banana. If you take diuretics to keep your blood pressure low then potassium is even more important. Eating the red part of the beet gives you some more potassium, but you also get a lot of folate and vitamin B which help ward off heart attacks and strokes.

5. Garlic and onions– garlic and onions are foods good for the heart because they fight poor circulation by keeping blood platelets from clumping together and making your blood sticky. It is the sulphur in them that does the trick. Quercetin and other flavonoids in onions help stop LDL cholesterol from blocking arteries when it oxidizes.

6. Sunflower Seeds – They are loaded with vitamin E a powerful antioxidant that stops LDL (bad cholesterol) before it can form plaque that clogs your arteries. Vitamin E also guards against hardening of the arteries, stroke and heart attack which make it part of a hear healthy diet.

7. Peanut butter – This is a better choice then eating cream cheese or margarine/butter. Peanut butter contains monounsaturatted fat instead of saturated fat found in other spreads, which will push up your blood pressure. Diets like the mediterranean diet and the Dash Diet both emphasize monounsaturated instead of saturated fats.

8. Oatmeal– just two servings of high fiber cereal a day changed the diets of men in a study enough to meet the American Heart Associations recommendations for fat and cholesterol. Many studies have shown that whole grains and dietary fiber lower blood pressure and risk for heart disease.

9. Fish – fishing is a good way to relax which in turn lowers blood pressure. And provided you catch cold water fish like salmon and mackerel you get more omega 3 fatty acids into your system which helps blood pressure.Eat fish at least twice a week because of its fatty acids. Find a few heart healthy recipes and cook up some fish.

10. Tofu – Foods good for the heart include tofu which has soy protein. Soy protein has been shown to help bring blood pressure down in recent studies.

11. Potatoes– a few years ago researchers found a new nutrient called kukoamines a group of chemicals in potatoes that lower blood pressure. Potatoes have very little cholesterol, sodium or saturated fat to begin with. They are healthiest when baked, boiled or mashed rather then fried or as french fries. French fries will raise blood pressure rather then lower it.

12. You could also add chili peppers to this list if you enjoy foods that make your eyes pop and water. They send your temperature up but your blood pressure down!

There are other foods good for the heart but this is my favorite top 12 list because high blood pressure  kills a lot of people and incorporating some of these foods in  your diet every day can keep you out of the hospital.

Great Resources

Eating healthy
Dedicated to healthy eating for healthy living. Over 200 unique articles on healthy eating.


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How To Stop Emotional Eating

You can learn how to stop emotional eating. But first you need to know what it is and then you have to find out how to stop it.

how to stop emotional eating

Do you eat out of boredom or when you feel sad?

Emotional eating is just what it sounds like.

You eat when you feel some emotion instead of eating when your stomach is growling.

As I started thinking about emotional eating I thought “Isn’t it funny that the word “food” rhymes with “mood?” Is that just a coincidence?”

You probably wonder why you turn to food when moodiness strikes you. It may have something to do with how you grew up. Your parents may have fed you when you cried or just to keep you quiet. They may have offered you candy when you fell down and skinned your knees. Heck, the damn doctor probably gave you candy after a needle.

Or, your parents maybe took you to M’cdonalds to reward a good report card. Like mine did.

What this means is that you may have learned emotional eating as you grew up. Yet nobody showed you how to stop emotional eating now that your an adult. It is one of the big causes of weight gain, but the least dealt with.

Even if you did not grow up this way, you likely found out all by yourself that eating can provide comfort and soothe negative feelings.

The very first step of a do it yourself diet is getting a handle on your emotions. This applies for any weight loss diet as well as any diet you may go on for other health reasons. You must get a handle on and learn how to stop emotional eating.

The big question is exactly how to stop emotional eating.

How Do You Know If Your An Emotional Eater?

Take the following 10 question quiz to find out.

Get a piece of paper and a pen. As you read the following statements make a tick for each question that you can answer “yes” too. Then check what your score means below.

1. When I feel happy I eat more because it makes me feel even happier.

2. I will often eat even when I am not hungry.

3. Food is my best friend. I eat to feel comforted, to escape or when I am lonely.

4. When I want to reward myself I eat.

5 .I eat to calm my jittery nerves.

6. When I’m angry I turn to food for comfort.

7. When things seem out of control, I eat.

8. If someone dislikes me or I am feeling low in confidence, I eat.

9. I eat when I’m bored.

10. When I feel overwhelmed by work, family or life, I eat.


Count up the number of ticks on your page. If you answered yes to five or six of the questions, food is fairly important to your emotional life. If you have seven or more ticks then food has a very central role in your emotional life. You are probably eating to keep your unpleasant feelings down. You eat to substitute for something that is missing in your life. This could be love, sex, a bad self image or poor self-esteem. On the other hand you could be eating just for fun or to reward yourself to often.

A good idea to help you stop emotional eating is to keep a mood journal or diary as it relates to your food intake. During the day jot down your feelings, along with what you eat, when you are eating it and for what reasons.

How To Stop Emotional Eating

Learning how to stop emotional eating means you should write down such things as:

  • Am I physically hungry?
  • What am I feeling at this moment?
  •  What words are in my head?
  • Who am I with?
  • What has been going on in my life in the past few hours or days?
  •  What do I want to eat?

Stop and think for a moment before you eat. Try to identify your true needs. Are you going to start eating out of emotion or because your stomach is truly grumbling? Once you find out what emotions are driving you to eat, the long term strategy is to find new ways to cope with these emotions.

Keep a one week journal and review it after the week is up. Search through it a identify your emotional eating triggers. This is one way you will learn how to stop emotional eating. You will identify your foods and moods! What moods seem to make you eat and what foods you are running too.

Use other tricks and tactics on this site to help you stop or control your emotional eating episodes. The more you realize which emotions are making you eat the easier it is to figure out how to stop emotional eating and to meet those needs in ways other then with food.

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Weight Loss Tips For Women

Ladies, these weight loss tips for women will astound you if you are starting a weight loss diet. Some of these tips you may already know and others will be new. weight loss tips for women

Here is the absolute bottom line. Losing weight is just a mathematical formula. When it comes to shedding pounds, your body needs to burn more calories than it takes in.

Your probably thinking yeah right! when it comes to losing the actual weight it’s so hard!

I’m here to tell you it is not hard when you have a diet plan and you know the tips and tricks to easy weight loss.

Here Are The very best…..

11 Best Weight Loss Tips For Women

1. Get A Plan

This site is all about diet plans so of course weight loss tips for women include you making a plan.You want to make short and long-term goals to lose weight.

Planning keeps you focused on what you are doing and following steps helps you stay motivated in the long run, especially once you get some success under your belt and see the pounds melting away.

Also, if you follow a plan and you learn the tips and tricks to losing pounds, it becomes much easier.The more you know the less you have to starve yourself. In other words, its simple when you arm yourself with a diet plan and learn all the little ways to cut calories that turn your weight loss efforts into easy weight loss.

What do I mean by this? Think about what I said before in my 1200 calorie diet plan. If you only replace water with all the drinks you use to have each day , over time you will automatically drop weight and not even feel as if you cut back on anything.

Use our weight loss planning tools right here will also help you with planning.


2. Throw Out Your Big Plates

Watch your portion size – in order to drop pounds you need to learn to eat smaller portions. While eating smaller portions is all about self-control there are tricks you can learn to help yourself.

One trick is to use a smaller plate when eating because it will train you to eat less as you can because you can only put so much on a small plate. Using a small plate makes you realize how much you used to eat and to help train you for situations when you could lose control.

Example: When you are out on the town and eating in a restaurant where they tend to super size everything, you will be able to visualize the actual portion size by that little plate so you don’t pig out!


 3. Keep Dreaming

Dream about losing weight – Studies have shown that positive visualization makes a difference for sports stars in helping them perform better. So, why not you?

Before you go to bed each night make it a point to visualize and dream about how you will look when you lose weight. Think also of the feeling of happiness you will have and confidence in how you will feel every day.

If you learn anything from these weight loss tips for women it’s that dieting is actually more mentally challenging for most then it is physically challenging.

4. Water, Water, Water

Drink water minutes before eating breakfast – Not only should you drink lots of water, and as I mentioned above, replacing water with other drinks is a great trick to lose weight, but if you drink it before each meal it makes you feel fuller.

And remember that you will only be able start dropping pounds fast once you flush the toxins out of your system. This is one reason it is so hard to lose weight at the start of a diet. Your body is full of toxins. Once they start to leave your body you will see how fast your weight suddenly comes off.

Don’t underestimate the power of drinking more water as one of the major weight loss tips for women.


5. Eat Less Salt

Cook your own meals – Cooking your own food means you control what you add and what ingredients you use.

For example, the lighter you go on the salt the more bloat your will see leave your body. This drop in bloat will make you look thinner in just three days. If you want to look your best before an upcoming event, eliminate all the salt from your diet for three days and you will be amazed at the thinness of your face when you look in the mirror. This goes for your body too.

One of the top weight loss tips for women is eating more fiber.


6. Be A Fiber Queen Like Oprah

Weight loss tips for women includes you eating high fiber food – here again we come back to eliminating toxins. Eating high fiber food keeps your bowels clean and helps fight the toxic body problem. ( Oprah Winfrey favors high fiber foods in her diets because she knows the benefits.)


7. Eat raw foods

These are also good fiber. Eat as many foods that contain water as you possibly can. You really can’t eat enough water foods. I lost 35 pounds in two months by eating about 1100 calories a day. I drank lemon water, ate grapes like they were going out of style and made popcorn at night with no salt, just a bit of butter for flavor and the weight came off.  I ate so much fruit and vegetables that I was never hungry.

Remember too that you have a mental desire to chew and when you eat stuff full of water with few calories you can eat almost as much as you want and not gain an ounce. You will lose weight but still fill the psychological  need to chew.

Although popcorn is not a water food it fills the human need to chew. Just don’t over do it.

8. Kick Up Calorie Burning With Green Tea and Coffee

Drink green tea or coffee to lose weight – Drinking green tea can kick your bodies metabolic rate up a notch which allows you to burn more calories. Green tea is also known to suppress the appetite.

9. Reward Yourself

SPECIAL TIP: Reward yourself each time you lose a number of pounds

Check out an online store full of pretty clothing, jewelry and lot of other stuff. Pick something each week for example and promise yourself you will get it as a reward once you succeed with a weight loss goal.

Buy clothes that are smaller than you are now – Buying smaller clothes can be motivating for some. Doing this while you are still fatter throws up a challenge to yourself.

Put them in a visible place where you see them each night or morning to remind yourself that
you bought them for a reason. You have to keep the initial reasons for starting your diet firm in your mind. Nobody said you can’t reward yourself ahead of time so you have something to look forward to.


10. Take time to relax and relieve stress

Did you know that stress will make some women eat more? So, this is why it is a good idea to take time for yourself and do things you find relaxing. It could be a bubble bath or going for a long walk, listening to music, doing art etc.

Whatever busts your stress will help you in the long run to stop reaching for extra treats when you are stressed, bummed out or down.

Keep busy, because it is way easier to lose weight when you don’t have time to even think about food! If you lay around on the couch you will have the natural human urge to eat out of boredom. Schedule each day from the time you get up til the time you go to bed and your weight loss will happen very fast.

Here I added an extra tip because it is so important not only for weight loss, but for overall good health. You have to move your body to help your bodies metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories).

That ladies is my final and maybe one of my most important weight loss tips for women.


11.  Click here to Check Out Exercise Videos Online

If you don’t have time to go to a gym keep in mind that there are exercise videos available on the internet today. Most are free. Here is a good one I use every day.

Print out this page on weight loss tips for women if you find it helpful. if you think this weight loss advice is good I suggest you get the full 100 tips for weight loss and follow them with one of weight loss plans on this site.

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Weight Loss Tips For Men

While the emphasis is usually on womens weight loss,these weight loss tips for men are just for the guys out there who need to drop a few pounds. Pick any weight loss diet plan on this site combined with the “10 ways to lose weight” below and you will reach your fat loss goals in no time.

While they are not necessarily quick weight loss tips, using them will ensure that you lose weight over time.

If you want to look leaner quick one good tip below is to reduce your salt intake. By doing this you will stop retaining water and reduce bloat. This tip will make you look leaner in just two or three days.


10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Men

1. This first one is so easy guys.. What is it?

Watch sports of course. This is one of my favorite weight loss tips for men. Whether watching people playing sports like hockey, football  or baseball, seeing athletes that look trim and fit is very motivating. Think about joining a sports league to help with your weight loss goals so you can look just like those super star athletes.

weight loss tips for men

See this guy walking his dog? He looks like a star athlete because he combines diet with working out. If you want to lose weight and also get muscle click the image to see how he does it.

2. Get a dog- Walking a dog is a great way to burn calories while getting in shape at the same time. People with dogs are obligated to walk them once or twice a day. This automatically forces you to get moving which in turn helps you lose pounds.
It’s not a coincidence that you don’t see a whole lot of fat dog owners in the parks.

3. Park your car a few blocks away from your destination -Wherever you go, whether it’s to the grocery store,beer store or to your girlfriends house park your car some distance away and walk there. Your girlfriend will love you for it.

4. Wash your car more often. Instead of taking your car to a car wash, wash it at home. Do this each day  and you will have one hot looking sparkly car. Not only will you have a great looking car, you will burn calories
and that helps you lose weight. Chicks like in shape guys with hot cars.

5. Make losing weight a competition – Another good weight loss tips for men is to find a buddy and work out together. Go to the gym and make it a competition who can do more leg or arm lifts. You will have fun and lose weight. Set a prize for the winner, or make a bet to sweeten the pot.

Here is one of those weight loss tips for men that can be hard but you really should try to…….

6. Cut down how much booze you drink -You can get a lot of calories from alcohol.  Having said that, keep your drinking to a minimum. On top of the calories, drinking zaps your energy so the next day you will probably not want to get out of bed. Not good for weight loss!

7. Add pepper to foods. Pepper can boost your bodies metabolic rate and make  you sweat.  Sweating helps you detox and lose bloat from water retention.

8. Reward yourself when you lose a couple pounds.   Treat yourself to a favorite meal, take a night out on the town with friends, or buy something new.
(treat yourself in our online store)

9. . Eat more protein – This one really applies if you are working out (and  you should). If you are bodybuilding for example, protein helps repair broken down tissues. Filling up on protein foods also makes your feel full so you won’t eat as often.

10. Last but not least………drum roll please……

DRINK MORE WATER  –It diminishes your appetite, flushes toxins out of your system and keeps your joints from getting squeaky!

That sums up our weight loss tips for men. If you have a lovely lady in your life who needs to lose weight why not check out these weight loss tips for women and get thin together. 🙂

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