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Candida Diet Food List

A candida diet food list is not so much about which candida diet foods to eat but more about which foods to avoid. If you have recurring yeast infections and want to start a candida or anti-candida diet you must eliminate certain foods.

Beat The Yeast Beast

You can beat the yeast beast by knowing which foods not to eat.

This candida diet food list will help you if you are starting a candida infection diet. It shows you the foods you should avoid if you have a yeast infection or overgrowth of candida in your body.

A candida yeast diet should be tried for a week or more. Then simply use this list as a handy “yeast foods” reference to help you keep the yeast containing foods you eat at a minimum.

Candida Diet Food List

Do not eat or drink any of the following yeast containing foods:

any type of alcohol
bread or buns
barbeque sauce
chili peppers
dried roasted nuts
dried fruit
root beer
smoked food
sour cream
soy sauce
any type of sugar
tomato sauce
anthing that contains yeast on the packaging

also avoid sugar and any products that are malted.

Most fruits should be eliminated especially dried fruit as stated in the list above.


This may seem like almost everything you eat, but when you stick to this candida diet food list and follow an anti-candida diet you will overcome your candida /yeast senstivity. This will make you look and feel so much better.

You can gradually re-introduce these foods back into your diet once the candida has cleared up.Except make sure you don’t eat too many of them too often or your yeast infection will return.

A good way to make sure you stay on a diet that contains yeast free foods is to get a couple of good cook books or recipes that do not contain yeast and sugar. Once you get in the habit of cooking yeast free it will seem like a cinch.

You will see that it is not difficult to stick to a diet such as this when you have so many great recipes to chose from!

Here is a good one to try to get you started and maintaining your yeast free diet.

The Yeast-Free Kitchen: Recipes to Help You Achieve Victory over the Yeast-Beast, Candida Albicans

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