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Bmi Weight Calculator

Bmi Weight CalculatorThe  bmi weight calculator is the easiest way to find out if you have too much body fat and if you are overweight, underweight of within a normal body fat weight range.

It calculates bmis for women,men and children alike.

What is BMI?

When you want to determine if you should lose weight there is more than one way to find out.

You can use a bathroom scale of course, or look at the ideal weight charts. (which is what most people did in the past)

traditional ideal weight/height chart for woman  or the ideal weight chart for men.

However, in order to find out if you are at a healthy weight according to not just your weight, but your body fat, doctors and dieticians recommend using the bmi calculator chart.


You can either look at this Body mass index chart (BMI chart) where the written calculations have been done for you, or use the automatic BMI calculator tool at the top of this page, (which is the easiest way.)

The bmi weight calculator not only gives you an indication of your weight but is used to find out if you are at risk for weight related health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and other health risks.

It is considered a more accurate gauge of what you should weigh. Falling within a healthy bmi range is your goal.

You’re body fat percentage or BMIS (the portion of your bulk that’s fat, compared with muscle and bone) won’t help you find out exactly how many pounds you should lose but will help you determine if you are at a healthy weight.

What Is A Healthy BMI?

When using the bmi weight calculator, women between 18- 39 years old should try to maintain a body fat percentage between 21-33 percent. (If you are younger or older simply use the BMI calculator tool to find out if you are overweight or within a normal weight range.)

However, the high end of this range approaches the threshold for being obese, so you should aim for about 20% body fat, or roughly somewhere between 16 and 24 percent, depending on how much exercise you do or how active you are. However, some doctors or dieticians are more flexible and will tell you to try to maintain between 16 and 26 percent body fat or BMI.

If you feel you are the type of person who seems to have a harder time than average achieving such a small body fat percentage than you can use the 16 to 26 percent range instead of the 16 to 24 percentage range.

When doing the BMI calculation the goal really is to do your best to lose body fat for health reasons, so putting any effort towards minimizing body fat will help you. You don’t have to be exact or perfect, but at least close enough!

Most women should be able to achieve this level. Keep in mind that everybody is different and some women can look lean at 23 percent if they have a lot of muscle while others who don’t work out much or who are shorter in height may not look as lean.

You should never let your body fat fall below 12 percent or it can compromise body functions, such as your heart rate or make you feel too hot or too cold all the time.

Where Does The BMI Weight Calculator Come In?

The Bmi weight calculator will not tell you how much actual weight in terms of pounds to lose, but it gives you an idea where you want to be in terms of fat retention (how much fat you are holding on your body) regardless of the weight on your bathroom scale.

For example: if you weigh 150 pounds and your BMI is 35 this means 53 pounds of you is actual fat.

Remember, that less fat and more muscle is ideal. It is more important to lose body fat than pounds.

As you continue on our diets keep in mind your goal is to reduce your body fat rather than the pounds showing on your bathroom scale.

Do not feel alarmed by your BMI number if it’s high, because you have to take other things into consideration, such as your body frame size, your activity level, eating habits etc.

If you do find you have a BMI over 30 ( than you have an obese BMI and bordering on becoming obese and are therefore at an increased risk for disease.

Bmi obesity is not a good thing, so if you find you are obese or have a morbid obesity bmi ( a very high BMI over 33 than you will want to start losing weight by using the diet plans and tools on this site right away.)

Calculate your Body mass index at the start of a weight loss program and than about once per month as you diet.

Once you reach your goal BMI range using the above bmi weight calculator you don’t need to be too concerned with body mass. Just keep in mind that women who are leaner reduce their of risk of health problems substantially.

For more in depth info on Body mass index visit here.

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