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Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

Triple By Pass

benefits-of-vegetarian-dietDo I have your attention? The benefits of vegetarian diet can help you avoid a triple by-pass and many other health related problems.

Part of the reason is that vegetarian diets are low in fat. Eating a low fat diet cuts cholesterol which can build up in your arteries and lead to heart attack and stroke.
A healthy vegetarian diet does more then just cut cholesterol. One of the main reasons people decide to “go vegetarian” is to improve their health overall, especially improve their risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

If you go organic and vegetarian together you are really doing your body a great service. Not only do you cut out fat but also reduce the amount of pesticides and other toxins in foods which will really keep your body clean and disease free.


Healthy Vegetarian Diet 101

Becoming a vegetarian means different things to different people, but one thing vegetarians have in common is that sometimes other people who are not vegetarians will make you feel weird about being a vegetarian.

A friend of mine was at a party where the hostess was passing around a plate of cocktail weiners with those fancy little sticks. When the hostess came to my friend quietly said “No, thanks I’m a vegetarian.”

The hostess insisted “but everybody loves my cocktail wieners, c’mon try just one, what’s wrong with you, you’re at a party, live a little bit.”

Right after that someone else called out “vegetarian! since when!” and everybody turned and looked at you. Another party goer yelled “you won’t get enough protein or iron on that diet!”

This little story illustrates that being vegetarian is not the norm and shows that others will mentally test you’re beliefs in being a vegetarian.

However, you can feel very smug in knowing that those who eat meat, rather then a meatless diet, have a far greater risk of ending up on an operating table!

Silly them.

Of course, you will get enough calcium, iron and protein on a vegetarian diet. Along with that there are many benefits to vegetarian diet and dieting.

Many people are still ignorant about vegetarianism and the benefits of vegetarian diet, even these days with so much information about health online and in the news.

So, what’s the bottom line? You are probably not only here to learn the benefits of vegetarian diet but to start a vegetarian diet.

So, lets do it,but first read a bit about they different types of vegetarian you can become.

Types Of Vegetarians

There are basically three types of vegetarians.

1. Ovo-Lacto vegetarians -this is the most popular choice of new vegetarians. It means you don’t eat meat, but you still eat dairy products and eggs. This is the one I am!

2. Lacto vegetarians – they don’t eat any animal flesh or eggs but do eat dairy.

3. Vegans – they do not eat animal products of any type, including animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey.

You have to decide what type of vegetarin you want to be. Whichever degree of vegetarianism you chose you will get the same benefits of vegetarian diet. Also, you will find vegetarian cooking is far from boring.

There are many delicious vegetarian recipes and vegetarian diet food you can make and enjoy.

And no, you don’t have to eat tofu if you don’t like it, but it is one of the popular foods vegetarians eat.

Here are the top reasons you should become a vegetarian and this list will help you explain to others why they should become one too.

Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

There are several benefits of vegetarian diet and eating like a vegetarian.

1. Heart disease – the cornerstone of any vegetarian diet is the fact it’s high in fiber and carbohydrates which is the key to keeping heart disease away. In addition, the protein found in vegetables is shown to reduce cholesterol levels, while animal products protein has been shown to raise cholesterol levels. This means that any diet with less meat is going to stop the buildup of plague in your arteries.

Added to this is the fact that even if you now have high cholesterol or have had a heart attack, simply throwing out the meat and eating a vegetarian diet can stop plague from growing and shrink it too. This one point shows you how good the benefits of vegetarian diet really are.

2. High blood pressure – poor diet is a primary contributor to this condition. It goes hand in hand with high cholesterol which we mentioned above. Ovo- lacto vegetarians have less high blood pressure than meat eaters. Vegans are even better off.

3. Cancer– diet is the biggest cause of cancer. Diet is responsible for %35 to %65 of cancer cases. Studies have shown that societies that eat a high fat meat based diet have a much higher risk of getting cancer.

Cancers that are most caused by diet are known as “hormonal diet” because eating some types of foods increases the number of cancer causing hormones in our bodies. Prostate, breast and colon cancers are linked to red meat consumption for example.

4. Diabetes-research has shown that changing to a low fat, complex-carbohydrate based diet helps the body regain it’s ability to process insulin. Foods high in fiber also help slow the release of sugar into the blood, so blood sugar levels can remain more even.

Vegetarian Diet Menu & Plans

I thought you might be interested in what vegetarian diets acutally looks like. Here is a vegetarian diet plan for one day.

This one is for a ovo-lacto diet plan but if you want to go vegan you can cut out the dairy and eggs altogether.

Whichever type of vegetarian diet you choose you will get the full benefits of vegetarian diet and will greatly improve your overall health.

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