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Atkins Diet Pros Cons

What Is The Atkins Diet

atkins-diet-pros-consThe Atkins Diet is a weight loss program that is high in fat and protein but low in carbs. If you are thinking of trying the Atkins diet plan you should check out the Atkins diet pros cons below first.

Created by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 70’s, the idea behind the Dr. Atkins Diet is that by cutting back drastically on the amount of carbohydrates you eat, your body will have to turn to its fat stores for fuel.

The result of this is weight loss. A low carb diet, such as this, can improve your cholesterol and your triglyceride levels which is great if you just got a high cholesterol diagnosis from your doctor.

However, there are good AND bad things about the Atkins Diet. Atkins diet pros and cons you should know before you make a decision about this diet.

Atkins Diet Pros Cons

The Pros include:

  • You get to eat steak and burgers which most men seem to love.
  • You cut back on foods like cookies, cakes and white bread. (refined carbohydrates) which are considered bad for you for many reasons.
  • You can lose quiet a lot of weight on this diet.
  • Atkins dieters often see improvements in cholesterol levels. (you eat more fat and protein but you are cutting out the white bread and foods which can also contribute to high cholesterol levels.


  • The Atkins diet does not provide adequate energy in the form of carbohydrates. The result of this cut back in carbs is the body is forced into a different metabolic state called ketosis which can be hard on the kidneys.
  • Since the focus is not on fruits and vegetables you do not get the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that these plant foods provide against cancer and heart disease.
  • Since you eat a high protein diet on the Atkins diet which means you’re risk of cancer increases from eating more meats (and because you miss out on fruits and vegetables which have cancer fighting benefits, as stated above.)
  • Your calcium levels can drop and you can become dehydrated, get bad breath or constipation problems.
  • If you ever go off of this diet and begin eating “a normal amount” of carbs again you can gain back more weight then when you started.

As you can see there are a number of Atkins diet pros cons and if you plan to try the Atkins diet plans or eat the Atkins diet menu you need to weigh the reasons you want to try it, carefully.

It can be a good short-term diet plan for weight loss, but you might want to consider switching to a more balanced diet once you lose some weight.

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