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anti-cancer-dietDr Joel Fuhrman’s motto is “Smart Nutrition, Superior Health”, and that’s the basis for his nutritional plan,Eat for Health”, also known as the anti cancer diet.

By extensively researching and cataloging the data from numerous studies, he has found a list of foods he believes are superior, and some that are criminal. His
eating plan also balances the body, allowing for weight gain.

H = N / C

H = N / C is Fuhrman’s equation, standing for Health = Nutrients / Calories. This is the formula he uses to calculate the nutrient density of a person’s diet. He theorizes that cancer protection comes from eating the foods that have more nutritional value than calories and avoiding the empty ones.

Anti Cancer Diet – The Method

The anti cancer diet requires the dieter to 1 raw salad, 2 cooked veggies, raw nuts and seeds, and 4 fruits. An acronym, G-BOMBS, was developed to teach proper eating protocol: greens, veggies, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds.

A pound of greens is approximately 100 calories, and the density of the nutrients is higher than any other food. Cruciferous vegetables have glucosinolates, which convert to isothiocyanates in the body. Isothiocyanates are a chemical with anti-cancer properties, known to remove carcinogens and stop tumors from connecting to a blood supply.

Beans are a nutrient-dense carbohydrate source, high in soluble fiber and resistant starch. This allows them to stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol. The fatty acids from beans help prevent colon cancer.

The allium family consists of onions, garlic, chives, and scallions, all known for a chemical called organosulfur. Like isothiocyanites, organosulfur inhibits cancer growths by removing carcinogens and halting cancer cell growth.

High in antioxidants such as quercetin, onions induce cell death in colon cancer.

Chinese studies have found that women who eat 1 mushroom each day have a 64% decreased risk of breast cancer. All the major mushroom types are known for having some
property or another; anti-inflammatory, immuno-stimulating, cancer-cell killing, another property to be added to the list is estrogen-inhibiting. Mushrooms are high in aromatase inhibitors, the same drugs sold to treat breast cancer.

However, always cook mushrooms as they contain agaritine, a carcinogen that breaks down in heat. Berries are more than worthy of the superfood title. High in antioxidants and flavonoids, berries protect the heart, reduce inflammation, protect the DNA, and even
reduces the risk of diabetes. They’ve even been credited with the improvement of motor function and memory.

Seeds are high in fats.. healthy fats. The human crusade against the fatty chains that heal our body has deprived us of phytosterols, lignans, and omega-3s. Lignans are known to have anti-cancer effects, omega-3s are known to protect the heart and maintain brain function while reducing inflammation, and phytosterols inhibit cancer growth.

The Reasoning Behind The Anti Cancer Diet

Using this information as the basis, he has created a new type of diet type, developing what he calles Nutritarians, people who eat for nutritional value.

His process starts with understanding and finding solutions for food addiction. By teaching nutrient density values, he explains how to change our thoughts to stop our ”slow suicide” by food.

Getting organized and being prepared allows a dieter to cook some meals ahead of time, leaving them more free time overall.

Teaching the practicality of frozen vegetables in modern life, he guides a dieter into better habits, re-training the person’s taste buds to enjoy flavor over salt and sugar. By channeling cravings for sweets into nutrient-dense foods, this diet teaches the dieter to accept their natural sweet tooth and reward it with fruits, such as berries, to continue healing and building their body.

By informing the dieter of the proper way to take in vitamins and minerals, this diet teaches a person long-lasting skills related to superior health.

Ten Foods to Eat; Ten Foods to Avoid

The Anti Cancer diet follows a similar list to most diets.

  • Eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, berries, beans, mushrooms, onions, nuts,seeds.. the whole foods everyone knows and loves.

However, his list to avoid includes

  • luncheon meats, smoked meat, barbecued meat, red meat, salted foods, soda,sausage, donuts, trans-fat containing foods such as stick margarine, sugary dairy products like ice cream and high-sugar yogurts, and white flours and sugars.
  • All these anti cancer diet foods should be avoided like the plague!

Some of this list is well-known, such as the refined items, however, luncheon meats and red meats have been linked to cancer, and should be avoided on the anti cancer diet ,as such.

All in all, the anti cancer diet is a plan to use natural cancer-fighting chemicals in foods found in our normal grocery stores to do amazing things.

  • For breakfasts, mix some blueberries in yogurt and drink a cup of green tea.
  • For dinner, make a bowl of curried beans over quinoa.
  • Turmeric suppresses tumor growth.

Make your meals your medication, and live a long and healthy life.

There you have some really good information about the anti cancer diet and if you follow this advice you just may be one of the lucky ones who lives cancer free.

Also, by Dr. Joel Furhman…the Eat To Live Diet..a must read

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