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Acid Reflux Diet Menu

fruits and vegetablesThe best acid reflux diet menu includes foods that are low in acid. If you suffer with acid reflux disease (that burning, stinging sharp pain you get when acid from your stomach backs up into your throat or esophagus) then try our acid reflux diet plan below.

Before starting with the acid reflux diet it’s a good idea to know which foods are more acidic and which foods are more alkaline.

This list of acid and alkaline foods will show you which foods are more acidic and which ones are more alkaline.

You can make up your own daily diet plans for acid reflux by avoiding foods that have a PH below 4 or 5 (in the list above) and eating the foods that are higher in PH.

It’s really simple to create your own acid reflux diet once you have the acid reflux diet foods list above. (you might want to print it out to make things easier).

This page shows you a list of acid reflux foods to avoid.

But for now here is a sample acid reflux disease diet for you to try. It takes into consideration the acid/alkaline food PH scale so you will only be eating mainly lower acid foods and sticking to foods that are mainly more alkaline.

Remember eating totally just alkaline foods is not normally necessary because your body needs a balance of acid and alkaline foods.But if you suffer with acid reflux you want to at the very least eliminate the worst culprits like caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and foods that have the most acid.You will want to stay an acid reflux diet most of the time if you have major stomach issues. That would probably mean eliminating all the very worst acidic foods most of the time.


Everybody is different, some people can eat tomatoes without problems and others find them acidic to their tummy.

You have to learn through trial and error which foods are your own culprits. Keep a food journal for a week if you like before you start the diet and you will find out which foods seem to be giving you trouble. Then make sure you stay clear of those foods.

Acid Reflux Diet Menu


  • 1 cup of oatmeal with sliced banana and raisins
  • 1 cup cantaloupe


  • 1 cup cottage cheese (this sometimes appear on the acid ph list and sometimes the alkaline)if you can handle it you can have it.
  • Large salad lettuce, broccoli, bell peppers, sweet tomatoes and cucumbers (sprinkle with sesame seeds or sunflower seeds if you wish)
  • apple cider vinegar mixed with olive oil for the dressing
  • bowl of strawberries with probiotic yogurt on top
  • glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon


  • Steamed plate of potatoes, squash, corn or peas, broccoli, cauliflower-mash up the vegetables and sprinkle with sea salt and some butter or margarine
  • mineral water


  • 1 piece sprouted grain bread with pat of butter/margarine
  • watermelon, banana or grapes

The above acid reflux diet menu may seem very restrictive because you eat mostly fruits or vegetables and bland foods.

However, if you have acid reflux disease that makes you uncomfortable then following an acid reflux diet plan such as this will decrease stomach issues.

You can check out and get a book with some recipes for acid reflux diet to make it more interesting.

Make up your own acid reflux diet menu with the acid reflux diet foods to avoid and the list of acid and alkaline foods as shown up top.

Your acid reflux diet menu will only be as restrictive as what your own personal stomach can tolerate and which foods seem to give you most problems.

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