Low Calorie Diets

600 Calories Diet

600 Calories Diet

Eating a very low-calorie diet, such as a 600 calories diet, is the fastest way to drop weight.


Besides weight loss, there may be other reasons to follow a very low-calorie diet plan. You may have medical reasons to go on such a low-calorie diet or maybe you just want to stay healthy or even change your appearance.
On a 600 calories diet you only consume 600 calories each day. The result is certainly just what everyone wants, a very slim figure. It is surprising that more professionals do not recommend it unless it is actually necessary. A 600 calorie diet should be considered by people who need to lose weight in a very short period of time due to health problems.

Pros of a 600 calorie diet

One of the most noticeable advantages of this diet is weight loss at a high-speed.
A number of preliminary research studies have shown that the 600 calorie meal plan is capable of reversing Diabetes (Type 2).
VLCDs are frequently credited with an increase in life span for people when done for a short time.

Cons of a 600 calorie diet

Like all other very low-calorie diets, unsupervised 600 calorie food plans can put your health condition in danger.
Followed for longer periods of time, it can slow down your metabolism.
A slower metabolism can bring on weight gain in individuals after they end their diet and start eating normally.
Very low-calorie diets as well can cause development of gallstones in dieters. (if done for too long)

The Characteristic of a 600 calories diet:

To start with, a 600 calorie diet plan is best followed with supervision of a qualified dietician who is capable of creating a diet with maximum nutrition as per the nutritional condition of the dieter. However, if you follow a 600 calories diet yourself without supervision, keep these pointers in mind:
1. Try to eat raw or steamed vegetables and uncut fruits for utmost nutrition
2. Lean meat/fish and low-fat dairy are great food options
3. Processed sugar must be put off totally
4. Check calorie plan when selecting a food
5. You should drink no less than 2-2,5 liters of water per day
6. Don’t forget to have a consultation with your doctor before carving out or following a 600 calorie diet.


600 calorie diet plan

600 calorie diet: Day 1
1 glass of pure warm water
1 small banana (70 cals)
2 kiwi (80 cals)
1 glass of pure warm water
1 small chicken breast, boiled (180 cals)
½ chilly pepper and 1 cucumber (165 cals)
2 apricots (70 cals)
a cup of green tea (35 cals)

Total calories count – 600 cals

600 calorie diet: Day 2
1 glass of pure warm water
1 egg (70 cals)
5 pieces of asparagus (20 cals)
1 small apple (80 cals)
1 glass of pure warm water
feta salad (125 cals)
100g of beetroot (35 cals)

150g of canned tuna (180 cals)
150g of backed mushrooms (100 cals)

Total calories count – 610 cals

600 calorie diet: Day 3
1 glass of pure warm water
25g of low-fat yogurt and two chopped peaches (75 cals)or 100 calories if you make your own peach yogurt here.

10g of popcorn (50 cals)
1 glass of pure warm water
Mushroom soup (120 cals)
Grilled vegetables set (214 cals cals)
Creamy chicken (130 cals)
Lettuce (16 cals)

Total calories count – 605 cals

600 calorie diet: Day 4
1 glass of pure warm water
Fruit and 50g of nut muesli (190 cals)
60g of stoned cherries (23 cals)
1 glass of pure warm water
Pesto salmon with curly kale (210 cals)
Tuna Salad (150cals)

Total calories count – 573 cals

600 calorie diet: Day 5
1 glass of pure warm water
omelette with two eggs and 50g of red pepper (156 cals)
100g blueberries and a handful of almonds (137 cals)
1 glass of pure warm water
tomato soup (128 cals)
75 g of tuna slices (185 cals)

Total calories count – 606 cals

600 calorie diet: Day 6
1 glass of pure warm water
Sweet plums and yoghurt (145)
A few frozen grapes (70)
1 glass of pure warm water
Turkey breasts and spinach (216 cals)
2 potatoes with backed chicken breast (150 cals)

Total calories count – 581 cals

600 calorie diet: Day 7
1 glass of pure warm water
Pear, carrot and ginger smoothie (107 cals)
100g cubed watermelon and 50g halved seedless grapes (88cals).
1 glass of pure warm water
beef stew and rice (250 cals)
Vegetables salad (150 cals)

Total calories count – 595 cals


600 calories diet: Shopping list

3 Banana
2 Kiwi
Seedless grapes 200g
Pear 200 g
Peach 300g
Carrot 100 g
Ginger 50g
Potatoes 200g
Chicken beast 500g
feta 100g
squeeze of lemon
tuna canned 200 g
Beef 150g
5 eggs
Beetroot 300g
spinach leaves 100g
Salmon fillet 100g
300g low-fat natural yoghurt
green pesto
black pepper
2 red pepper
2 tomato,
1 onion,
garlic clove,
1 tomato puree,
balsamic vinegar 50g
2 plums

turkey breast steak 125g
popcorn 10g
nut muesli 50g
salmon fillet 100g
green pesto
black pepper 100g
mushrooms 250 g
1 cucumber
2 apricot
5 asparagus
1 apple
feta 100g
Lettuce 50g
stoned cherries 100g
blueberries 100g
almonds 20g
tuna 300g
Turkey breasts
Olive or linen oil 1 bottle
Low-cal dressing 1 bottle
Zucchini 500 g
Olives 1 can
Cabbage 500 g
Onion 1 kg
Carrots 300 g
Peas 200 g
Green peas 200 g
Radishes 500 g
Brussels sprouts 200 g
Mixed veggie salad 1 pack
Tossed mixed greens 1 pack
Green onion 1 pack
Rice 1 pack

Enjoy the 600 calories diet!

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