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3 Day Diet Plan

3 Day Diet Plan

3-day-diet-planThis 3 day diet plan is a good diet to kick-start any weight loss program. If you have 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds or even 50 pounds or more to lose, then starting off with a good 3 day diet that is not to hard to follow will encourage you to  get started with losing weight.

It will  also help you to keep going with your weight loss efforts because you will see success fairly fast.

I made this a healthy diet that will help cleanse your system of toxic wastes and help you lose water weight and also fat weight. After following this diet you should start to see your belly flatten out and slim down just a little. This will tell you that you are on the right track to losing those stubborn extra pounds.

I know because I have used this diet myself to lose 4 pounds in water weight and fat from my midsection and I looked and felt slimmer in that area after following this diet for 3 days. My pants fit better with a little extra breathing room after following this diet.

There is no junk food allowed on this diet, only healthy and natural foods from mother nature.

Try to follow it exactly the way it is written and do not nibble on other foods in between meals or you will blow the diet.

Interesting Fact:

It takes 3 days for the lining of your stomach to heal/change. What this means is that if you have any stomach issues (such as an ulcer for example) you may start to notice any stomach issues going away on this diet after only 3 days.

This 3 day diet plan will also put you on the track to clearing out built up cholesterol and if you continue on a similar diet you may also start to notice better test results for cholestrol at your next doctor visit.

The point is, many health issues can be caused by what you eat. So, if you are suffering from any health issues, this diet will be easy on your body and help it heal and recover because it is a natural diet!

And of course there is very little fat and lowish calories here, so, of course it is also a great weight loss diet.

It cuts out dairy and meats, so it could also be considered a vegan diet plan, although my main intention here was to offer a healthy 3 day weight loss diet.

3 Day Diet Plan & Menu



1 cup of cooked oatmeal
1 tbsp. of ground up flax seeds
1 medium-sized banana
1 ounce or one small handful of raisins

1 cup of soya milk


1 medium-sized Green salad (use chard, spinach, or other leafy greens like romaine lettuce -not iceberg because it does not offer up as many nutrients as romaine)
top the salad with a low-fat, balsamic vinaigrette and 1 tsp. of virgin olive oil
top with 1 cup of chickpeas or 1 cup fresh or frozen peas
1 cup of vegetable or any bean soup

1 or 2 fresh fruits (try any berries, or pineapple great to combat arthritis or cantaloupe cantaloupe is chock full of B vitamins)


2 cups of Mixed Salad with chopped up veggies of choice
1 cup of orange juice (for this 3 day diet plan try juicing fresh oranges for the most nutritional benefit)
Chicken and scrambled tofu with a squeeze of lemon

Steamed string beans with onions and mushrooms (saute 1 chopped onion and a bunch of mushrooms in a bit of olive oil)

Day Two


Scrambled Tofu (3 day diet plan tip: use spices to flavor)


Spinach Salad with sliced Oranges and sprinkled with Sesame Seeds or Sunflower Seeds.
Eggplant sliced up and sautéed in olive oil with salt and pepper
Fresh pineapple slices


Any combo Salad with 1 tsp. of virgin olive oil
Broiled fish or scallops (3-4 oz.)
Fresh or frozen steamed broccoli
Fresh or frozen Strawberries

Day Three


Fresh sliced pears
soaked in warm water to soften apricots or dried prunes


Your choice Salad with chickpeas and frozen peas on top, fresh lemon and orange squeezed over it Fresh fruit (when i say salad that does not include creamy potato salad or coleslaw or any type of pasta salad with mayo!Only Vegetables, nuts or fresh fruits)


Salad with sliced oranges and 2 tbsp. sunflower seeds
Steamed and chopped Swiss chard or kale sprinkled with dried powdered garlic (garlic powder is preferably to garlic salt if you have high blood pressure ) or dried onion powder

I hope you enjoy this 3 day diet plan and that it works for you because this diet is tried, true and tested and it will work to get your healthier and slimmer as fast as possible as long as you don’t cheat of course!

If you want more than just a 3 day diet plan why not Try the 30 day 1200 calorie diet here.



Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net  from “tiramisustudio

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