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1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet

1500 calorie diabetic dietIf you have diabetes and are looking for a 1500 calorie diabetic diet to try, you will find a sample 1500 calorie diabetic diet plan below.

Being diabetic you should already know the right amount of calories you need to stay healthy and to control your blood sugar.

What is Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar is the amount of glucose (defined as simple sugar) in your bloodstream.

Glucose is the number one source of energy that fuels your body. We get glucose from the foods we eat and our diet. The body also needs fat, protein and carbohydrates for energy.

When you follow a diabetic diet plan you are limited to just how much of each of these you can eat in a day or at a time. In other words your diet limits how much carbohydrate (kar-bo-hy-drate), protein and fat you can consume.

If you have diabetes mellitus you should already understand the basic eating guidelines of a diabetic diet.  Our diet shows you a 1500 calorie diabetic diet for those who are trying to lose or maintain a certain weight. .

The following menus list the number of servings for each food group for a 1,500-calorie diet  food plan. They are  similar  to what you might get in a hospital or from a doctor. However, ask your doctor before starting any diabetic meal plan. This is only meant as a sample of what you could eat on a 1500 calorie diabetic diet.
This 1500-calorie diabetic diet menu contains these guidelines (on average:)
There are two diabetic diet menus for each meal to show variety.

Starch = 7 servings
Fruit – 3 servings
Milk = 2 servings
Meat = 5 -6 servings
Fats  = 4 servings


To learn more about the 1500 calorie diabetic exchange diet check here. It will show you more about food exchanges etc.

 1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet – Samples


1 beef Hamburger    = 2 starch servings
1 cup of plain fat-free yogurt = 1 milk serving
1 peach or 1 orange = 1 fruit serving
free = water, tea or coffee


2  waffles made in a five inch pan  = 2 starch servings
1 tbsp of light margarine = 1 fat serving
1 small apple would  = 1 fruit serving
1 or 2 egg whites = 1 meat serving
free    water , coffee or a tea


1 cup low-fat milk   = 1 milk serving
1/2  avocado   (to be used only with menu 1)  = 2 fat servings

LUNCH MENU 1(with a sandwich)

2 slices of whole grain bread  = 2 starch servings
2 or 3 oz. turkey breast that is low-salt variety  = 2 -3 meat servings
1 tbsp margarine = 1 fat serving
one half of a banana  =1 fruit serving
diet drink, tea, water or coffee    = free serving

LUNCH MENU 2 (with chicken salad)

10 low-fat croutons   = 1 starch serving
1  small dinner roll   =      1 starch serving
2 to 3 ounces      grilled or baked skinless chicken slices        = 2 to 3 meat  servings
4 tablespoons      light dressing =  2 fats  servings
1 slice           water melon for salad  = 1 fruit   serving

Free serving    salad greens with tomato
Free serving        water, coffee, tea, diet drink


1/3 cup            grapes   or juice or 1 orange  =  1 fruit


1 cup      chili with beans   = 2 starches and  2 meats   servings
2 cups     green salad      = Free   serving
2 tsp        oil(peanut, olive oil or canola   = 1 fat serving
Free   serving        water, coffee, tea, diet drink


2/3 cup rice      – 2 starch servings
2-4 ounces chicken breast with no skin – 2-4 meat servings
1 cup low-fat milk = 1 milk serving
1 tbsp cream cheese  = 1 fat serving
mixed vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots   = free serving
water, coffee, tea, or diet drink  = free serving

Diabetic SNACKS

3 cups of popcorn or a couple saltine crackers  = 1 starch serving

Mid Morning Snack

Depending on your blood sugar levels you may want to eat a snack mid morning. You can also chose to eat the snack with the meal before the snack if you like. This is usually okay.

The same goes for eating a snack in the afternoon or evening.

Since being diabetic you should check with your doctor before following this 1500 calorie diabetic diet eating plan or any 1500 calorie diabetic diet.

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