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11 Herbs & Spices To Make Food Tastier

Best 11 Herbs And Spices To Add Flavor

11-herbs-spices-to-make-food-tastierThe following are 11 herbs and spices that help the flavor of many foods including vegetables. They are a great healthy alternative to using table salt of foods.

Print out this page and keep it on your fridge so you can refer to it when you want to know how to liven up boring or bland foods without using salt of extra refined sugar.

1. Cinnamon

Sprinkle this sweet spice in oatmeal, coffee or hot cereal.

A study published in Diabetes Care reported that as little as one gram of fresh cinnamon reduced blood glucose and cholesterol levels in type 2 diabetes.


2. Dill

Dill is delicious on fish, carrots and salads or an easy dip, mix it into plain yogurt and serve with cucumbers. Of course, dill is used for making homemade pickles too.

3. Basil

Basil is great with tomatoes or poultry. Try sprinkling it over cut tomatoes when you make a tomato sandwich or on scrambled eggs for something a bit different.

4. Horseradish

11 herbs and spices include using horseradish instead of gravy to give meat a taste boost.
Although it is a root vegetable itself it is often used as a condiment on hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages or any other favored meats because it is considered healthy while adding flavor.

5. Rosemary

The fragrant, leaves of this woody herb are especially tasty with lamb and seafood, and in any dish with beans, tomatoes, potatoes or cauliflower.

6. Sage

This Mediterranean herb is especially good in tomato-based dishes,and with chicken or turkey.

7. Tarragon

This wonderful seasoning makes salads and chicken taste great. Good for use in salad dressings.  Try tarragon vinegar mixed with olive oil and dill to make a good dressing.

8. Thyme

This member of the mint family, tastes good on carrots, Brussell sprouts and beef.

9. Cayenne pepper

Use a pinch to liven up chili, spaghetti sauce, or spaghetti squash. Cayenne is a good appetite suppressant. Use it in home-made salad dressings if you are on a diet and want to suppress your appetite.

10. Chives

Add chopped chives to spinach, in egg dishes, in pasta dishes or any dish that would normally call for onions. Chives have a taste similar to onion or green onion but using them in
a dry form is quick and easy because they are already chopped. This saves you time in the kitchen.

11. Turmeric

This spice gives curry its red color and can be used to liven up egg dishes and with Indian style dishes and foods.

These 11 herbs and spices will make your meals taste great while helping you to eat healthy, so use them often!

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